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Sep 6, 2021
Hello screen name is Moose06 @ nearly any site I've played. US player who I know will catch crazy grief for not doing rhe dudilagence to find the best of rhe worst offered to US play. I mostly play RTG and have stuck to a handful of sites in a bit over 4 years. Mainly staying at a place I can stomach tell I can find something with mainly quicker payouts. In the past, and honestly even now I'll play at a tighter house, or what I feel is and usually the only way I weigh that is number of times rhat let players get a piece of their original deposit back....IT IS THE BAIN OF EXSISTANCE with all these platforms. The reverse advertising there is between brick and mortar is disgusting. Plugging and pumping into, successfully, the premis that the players deposit is a given loss is so transparent that it speaks to these houses having zero need to answer for anything...anyway I have loads more to say to ask advice I'm dying to hear and suggestions as to where to play. It's just crazy to me how different strategy needs to be with cash out restraints and LOVE to know how much extra house advantage this actually gives has to be at least 3% anyway I've currently been playing at *snip* Casino and strictly because they have instant payouts and with my unsubstantiated beliefs of what the technically are calling "random number generated" this at least gives me a shot at my cash back for winnings which means I don't have to set my cash out number higher then attainable anyway look forward to hearing back from someone on what to start following on this platform. Thx!!!
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Mar 12, 2021
Hi there, I feel ya completely. I did fall in love with *snip* the first time we met and I ended up with small but pleased to have winnings.​
But I may have went overboard on my review for them which was just raving about the FAST, FAIR, FUN motto being so true.​
Now every single time I visit, I hear of another hidden loophole they have and can get so mad with their chats that I just have to click sign off.​
Here's a couple great and allowed for U.S. Player casinos from my personal experience.​
*shilly list of casinos removed*
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