Your Input Please Need to be 18+ to play Slot Demos / Freeplay

Andy Walker

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Noticed a few times of the last week the free play button removed from slots on Skyvegas but then back. Now it seems that you need to be signed in / up to play free play on all their products in the Skyvegas section of the site. Wondering if they are gearing up for some new rules governing gambling and gambling availability in the UK?


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Quite possibly,

I've always thought that the ability to play for free / without creating accounts can only lead to players getting a "taste" sometimes way too young,

There is no verification etc and it could be absolutely anyone clicking away.

Only a good move IMO, one the account is registered and verified (and thus password protected) then I don't see a problem, lots like to try games in demo before trying their hard earner plus reviewers need this option otherwise they'd end up spending an arm and a leg....or would they ;) :p


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Noticed earlier as i wanted to see what some jungle giants slot was like on coral. But freeplay has been removed from their casino slots now.

William hill all games etc. have had freeplay removed all year.

But got to try it at Paddy Power they still have freeplay option.


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Luckily that won't affect me as I review games and have ways of playing them, but I can see the logic behind it. Now will they manage to stop kids accessing 18+ porn sites?


There are going to be lots of UK affiliates affected by this - no harm in trying the games for free IMO as playing them for real does need verification etc