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Sep 27, 2009
Lake Elsinore, California
This complaint is from play my boyfriend had at the RichReels casino. There were some strange similarities that suggest a non random behavior in their slots I guess is the best way to phrase it.

He has deposited a few hundred this past weekend and yesterday, adding up to quite a bit, under $1000 more in the area of $400 ish, I beleive, I can get actual numbers later if needed.

Anyway as always these days the MG software sucks down the money makes it impossible to be an amount too big or there will be no chance of actual building any bankroll. We all have been going thru the extreme tight payouts in the MG casinos as a whole for the most part, at least from what I read in the forums. My boyfriend likes only a certain small variety of the games he plays , so he pretty much has limited his choices to games that at least give a little longer play than many of the old ones and most of the newer games.

When you look at play history for like the last 6 months, it would show rare bonus games, the usual situation being maybe one of two have been really good pay outs but never a max jackpot top pay. The common games might give free spins but out of say 10 only 4 will pay . I think you get it.

Well then on one single day , all of those random play generators, seem to all be looses on the games he plays, to the point of repeated bonus rounds and some decent wins during them , that certainly begin to get him up to the over $ 250 mark, which is still below his losses, but anyway the software starts making several winning spins and right when it clearly is paying at a high level, that if continued would easily allow him to meet the even mark and cashout happy at least his expenditures are covered... A jackpot on top is even better.

Each time the game runs hot like that a large pause takes place the reels stop in mid spin with a frozen appearance to him and then one the pause releases the spin finishes and the winning stops , almost completely and starts to really take a huge bite of what he has finally had opportunity to build. He then almost empty switches to another game that has maybe a fewer line bet so he can maybe get some play to try to survive until a bonus round.. this happened at least 5 games, and over several small deposits.

I know the cahsing thing is never good. But there was a definite trend that suddenly he was getting lots of bonus rounds , even the non winning rounds were plentiful on several different games that on the norm never offer bonus rounds so often. Now each time as he tries to increase his bet from 18 cents per spin to say 45 cents the bonus rounds came and the wins came. This made a significant difference to the play time, and also allowed him to get to around $100 the new game does exactly the same thing , several times during the play. The weird screen freezing mid spin thing. Then when the bank roll got way down he ttried another and the exact same result.

Its obvious its a "winning day" at this tight casino. Who wouldnt chase it? If you play at all , you know there are hot and cold days. The hot days I myself have had , did not usually cause an interupt in a winning or I have hit top win a few times.

Had it not happened to all of the games he tired, he might not have been tempted to try to get back, this software sort of screws up better judgment. We play as entertainment and to try to win money.

He went to the live chat after it because without a doubt a trend in many games that affects the randome feeling to the winning thing. One game yes, but several.. no that is some sort of payout percentage altering software thing, would be my guess.,

Live chat tried the whole , playing is gambling thing.. and then gave the typical its the software not us, and then sugested he not switch games when a game is hot... This is probably where he got pissed. He then tried to explain e understands gambling. He understands they cannot open the cpde and fix it, he also understands the advangtage of the casino when these situations cause a player to hot go on a winnings streak

He told them he was not demanding that all of his deposits since Sat be returned, he did not demand anything. He said there is an obvious trend. I lost good money acting as they have suggested and try to stay with a winning session, even if it involved strange pauses that caused him to leave a game. He also mention he went back to the same games after new deposits and got the same kind of play. This alone is why he continued.
All he was asking was for a bonus on all of the depoists made after the weekend only bonus they already give him. Yes its not a weekend, but during the bonus period the games were way tight. This should not be too much to ask, his bonus level has never increased even when his loyalty level has. They gave him 5000 points on his birthday after he lost a few hundred. he has to go into chat to ask for a point top up to use it since he could only iuse 4000 of it.

This is a very little request, since the software issues that he had put money in the pocket of the casino, and since they offer only that bonus only on weekends, it is not that he is asking for any extra.

They gave him 15 dollars and said after alll of his discussion , that was all he could have in the way of bonuses he qualified for.

Is it worth while to go any forward with. I am wondering in the interest of a true and strange coincidence that all of his winning play on games that have random fairness all occur on one single day after months of very tight play are worthy of his asking then for a refund of the deposits he has made in the past few months or even days. He slowed down his play there because it was just too tight.

They never offer him free spins nor has he won any contest his play was invol,ved in. He has had many many many recent sessions with not even few minutes of play. he gets 35% OF $200 max deposits and that is all.

He said there is some sort of issue here, at very least I would like the 35% as a feel good from the casino. The casino does not say here is your money back , you lost too many times in the last month which is higher percentage that the games that you play allows, when he loses do they??

A comp or bonus is something a casino can choose, but if your play shows some strange factors all in the same time period, who is protecting the player. When the information is looked at its at a per slot play session, per game. a trend that is noticed on several games the casino does not try to see. Instead they use that same if the game is hot thing to tell him why did you leave a winning game then if they never pay and all of a sudden this one was..

So really we know that he cannot do much, but to insult him, when the odd game changing pauses defeat the only real winning he has seen in ages and virtually offer no courtesy to someome whos money they already have .and then say the only thing there is we can do is ask if you qualify for a bonus because it isnt our fault. Honestly they could at least make it at the same percentage they offer to others and to him on different days.

Since the pauses took his happy time at the casino and put a slant on it that causes him to say wait there is something up here , the reason he could notice is because it was lots of gamesl.

So those rare winning times in the casino now seem to be happening on his account maybe rathjer that the games if the casino says the games are fair , or there is some sort of safeguard that prevents the continued hot play when the bank roll grows.

This fairness of play issues is going to be an uphill battle. It is not necessary to see or talk about the payout percentage of a game when the issue at hand here is a mullti game trend that causes behavior present in many games on one single day. That is just too strange. All anyone would have to do is simply count the bonus rounds in all of his play to see he is not wrong.

If nothing else, This odd coincidence in many games the same day is not a random thing on a per spin basis. That is the only real thing that the manager would need to look at. Something os different about the games in the casino and it affected the play. If he had won , I guarantee all of this would be looked at. The casino probabaly is not cheating, but since there is an unusual strange thing that keeps a player from winning above their losses then the casino should do something for him.

Whether or not he can pursue a thing is unknown. But certainly this casino has been less that even friendly enough to extend to him hs usual bonus percentage since a loyal player had some strange issues and would like an opportunity to maybe get something back. If he doesnt win oh well. But this shutting him down makes me angry .

Does it seem like he should ask for some mediation help to either be a little nicer than they have been or to offer a refund for this weekend since their bonus points gift that was only partaily useable is what got him into their casino after very sparse play due to constant loses. They can then part ways and no one is hurt. It was his money to begin with. Then he would not feel so ripped off. Or then they are finished with a player they think is not worthy of the exact bonus they always offer when he never wins.

I dont think its unreasonable. and like i said if they simply count bponus rounds they will see that he is not untruthful there was a weird hot streak and that the game wins get to a point and stop completely. Mind you normal play would have won a bit and lost , but in this case it was a steady down after a bit of ggod win. That means all wins occur only at one time and therefore what they deem good play turns into really bad pay out play whenm you measure those games when the play only goes down.

I am sorry to ramble on , its hard for me to get my point out. Sorry if its not well spoken or comdensed.

What is anyone opinion on this and what avenue might he have?


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May 11, 2008
If I'm understanding this correctly..he deposited 400 but lost it all due to seemingly unrandom like spins, pauses and so forth. He went to live chat to complain and wanted some sort of comp play but didn't get it. He also has been a good depositing player but they did not give him many comps and small match bonuses..correct

I'll say this, MCG casinos are not known for their bonuses. They are cashable and are not tied into what you have played in the casino. The games are going to be hot and cold and you certainly don't have a case for mediation in my opinion. If you feel this strongly send a message to his vip host or support and see if they will comp him anything additional.

Playing at any casino requires discipline and being knowledgeable about when to get out.


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Sep 27, 2009
Lake Elsinore, California
Thanks very much

It pretty much is as you say, its just that as opposed to the nomal tight play he got a few winning streaks , small , but at least some play, when it seems like the software was doing its best to play a pause happens and the play only becomes bad.

Its was not so much he was mad he lost money. It seemed odd that a few games did the same exact thing. After long periods of time over many moths the percentage of actual decent play time at all is always very low.

He just went in and told him these pauses were affecting his play. He has been a loyal depositor and would like his usual bonus offer. He has always illustrated perfect behavior, however the play has really appeared very tight in the last several months.

He really was not going in because he lost money, he wanted to tell them there is a strange thing that has happened, Only after the pause did he not get any good spins nor bonus games. It seemed strange.

I think i got more upset than he did. I think that regardless of whether or not he asked for a bonus, since the play was affected, was not out of line. It is more the idea this casino shuts down players who constantly seem to get the shaft on any of the giveaways or special promotions, There are threads at some other forums that have the newest games that are given free spins at the two casinos in this group. Many many depositing players get them, and evenI have inquired why I havent and its always the same answer about some mysterious promo depart that makes the decisionsl.

He has gone up; a tier level and his offers remain the same only on weekends. If a player gets frustrated when the software acts weird , their deposits get lost again and again, Chat does not offer any option to perhaps email the casino mgr or promo department, they actually indicated this matter was final. The bonus or comp was actually mentioned at firsy by the caht host. He indicated since he was loyal, and his ability to actually build a bankroll is almost impossible anyway.

I am almost certain I have read posts in the past under complaints , over the years that others have noticed this same pause thing. it seemed worthy of a chat visit since it was not just one game. That is why any player would stop and say, hmm once must be a connection issue, in another game even same thing, but when bonus games are often and good spins take place up to a point, it changes the situation into a strange sequence of the exact behavior.

He was careful not to demand money or say the software cheats. He knows what is going down when you gamble online. Its just the canned answers rather than even say we will look at the play records or anything. So then he says fine how about a comp then I will try with the amount i usually get on the weekend and shut up. I think it is here where he felt pissed.

So it really isnt a matter of losing money and wanting a bonus. Its just the feeling of hey , there was a potential problem and you tell me not to leave a game when its running hot... duh, if it had not turned so incredibly cold , to the point of ridiculous losing spins he would have stayed. but it was all of nothing

Thanks for the idea.. I am sure it would not hurt. In my opinion they will give a standard response and do nothing


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Apr 4, 2008
I used to be very loyal player at Rich Reels (and Villento) myself. At least your boyfriend got 35% bonuses....mine were almost always 30%.

I also from time to time asked for a comp when I had really crappy sessions. And I always got the same "its up to our promo department..." I believe somewhere in your post you said he did get $15? That sounds about right for this group. I would lose hundreds spread over a few deposits and would get somewhere between a $5-$25 comp. They are not known for being generous.

Incidentally, if you are looking for free spins, just don't deposit for 6 months or so. I deposited 2-3 times a week religiously for over a year and never got them. Then I stopped playing and now once a week I get 40 spins on a different slot. Same thing happened at Villento, I took a break from them and then I started getting free spins in my account.