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Jul 3, 2002
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I was playing my flamiz sevens and I hit the jackpot. It flashed, but did not pay me. I noticed numbers were not turning as I was playing, and had been playing all night. After I stopped, the numbers started going real fast, so it seems like a lagg thing. Anyway, I hit it, and was not given the credit.

Does anyone have a number to inetbet? I have left them emails but getting no reponse. This is so unfair. I spent 300 playing this nickle machine all night.

Please help, or if someone from inet can please help. Thankyou

My user name name there is Jensia
Casino Contacts

On the upper navigational toolbar you'll see "Casino Contacts"

Click that and it lists over 100 casino reps that are members of the forum. Scroll down until you find iNetBet's rep. There are a few, but the one you want is their manager, Emily Hanson:

You can either email her or PM her so she is aware of the thread. She normally visits the forum daily. But don't worry about contacting her, I've already done this for you. :D

This is the best method for resolving any issues.
Scroll up and click on the casino operators link. The rep for Inetbet is Emily Hanson and from what I have read she's a beaut to work with. You will also see a host of other casino reps listed there.

Sidetracking a little, I notice that Amatrine has a higher rep power score than the casinomeister. Why is that so, bryan. Just being curious.

I just got an email from them, they said they are going to look into it, and come back when they have more info. Do they have some kind of play check there so they can verify it ? I sure hope so.

chuchu59 said:
...Sidetracking a little, I notice that Amatrine has a higher rep power score than the casinomeister. Why is that so, bryan. Just being curious.
The rep power is the amount of points I can give or take away by clicking someone's rep icon. Rep power is calculated by how long you've been a member, how many postings you've made, and several other factors. You'll notice that some of the "Meister Members" wield big sticks - they have high rep powers.

I have set all moderators (to include myself) a max of 15 rep power points. This way we can't be accused of abusing our "power" :D

More info here:
Link Outdated / Removed
Dear Amatrine,
I believe that support have been in contact and answered your query.
We have the RTG tech team looking into this for you at present.
All games and results are logged, so should there be any anomalies then rest assured appropriate action will be taken i.e. your account will be credited with whatever is due. As soon as we have some more information support will be in touch.
Best Regards
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Hi Thanks. Yeah I got the email. I was looking to see if anyone had a phone number or something before i got in touch with you:) Thanks for the fast response:)


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