Need help to get the OLD T &C at Vegas Red Casino


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Jul 20, 2003
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I know some of you are really good at getting the OLD Term and Condition on the casino.
Vegas Red Casino changed their T&C AFTER I play there and denied my cashin (even my original deposit). It's only $100 but I am a little bit unhappy about the way they handle things here.

I really need advise and help here. Could you please help me? Thank you! .

Just got home from a Halloween Party and we raise nice profit for a local food pantry (for the poor). Have a nice Fall and Holiday to you all!

Here is the post at WOL:

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Isn't Vegas Red just a couple months old?

I could be thinking of another one.....?
I am having the same problem. They changed their terms on Friday, Oct 31. Seem to be part of the Casino DelRio scammers group.
They are only one week old and is the same owner of the Casino Del Rio.
$100 ( and another $53 will be reject, I believe) is really not a big deal. I am not mad about the money, but they changed their T & C after people play there and won't honor the old one. It's principal here.

How could people trust the casino if they can't even stand on the right place at 1 week old.....
They are newcomers and VEGAS RED is part of IMPERIAL E-CLUB LIMITED, the owners of CASINO TROPEZ, DEL RIO CASINO and CITY CLUB CASINO.

On Friday after having been referred to these clowns by a person well known in the industry and after both he and I thoroughly checked out their site to insure that Blackjack was not an excluded venue from their wagering requirements, I deposited $100.00 and received a $222.00 bonus that was subject to a 8 times roll over factor.

Long story short I got pretty aggressive and ended up losing the "c" note and the bonus. In point of fact their site did say that if you lose the first bonus you can collect a second bonus of $100.00 by making a deposit of another $100.00 but only after depleteing your account in full. So I even converted the two or three dollars that I had earned in the comp. acct. to make sure that my account had been zeroed out.

Longer story made even shorter. After receivibg my second bonus of $100.00 I managed to run better than $5000.00 in action through and I decided to call customer service to make sure that their information relative to the wagering requirements comported with my figures. Wrong again. The young lady put me on hold for a couple of minutes and came back on the line to say that I had only earned a little over $500.00 in credits from the Silver Bullet Slots that I had played. I asked her about my Blackjack play and she responded by saying that Blackjack did not qualify for the wagering requirements.

Lastly, I did ask to speak to a manager but the young lady informed me that management was not available for phone calls from customers.

I must add, that I really did feel bad for this little customer service gal as you could tell by the tone and tenor of her voice that I was not the first customer with a complaint that day.

Have a good one.

And oh buy the way they did carryover the first wagering requirements to the second bonus even though the account had been zeroed out, and there was absolutely no mention of that carryover practice anywhere on their homepage.

These people are absolutely thieves and that includes CITY CLUB CASINO, DEL RIO CASINO, CASINO TROPEZ and VEGAS RED. Have a good one.

As in the WOL thread - those affected please email me your account numbers - I need to know who is who LOL.

I will then take it up with the management because I also saw with my own eyes that blackjack was originally permitted.
Spearmaster. why did you affiliate yourself with a group that is underhanded and runs a very shakey ship. Del Rio and Tropez have done some pretty low things recently:
It "seems" (although I haven't got the CASH in my hot little hands yet) they have reconsidered and I am getting paid. Just got a positive sounding email. Thanks to Spearmaster for getting involved.

Maybe they read my CyberCrappier thread on WOL! :crazy:
They declined my withdarwal again. I am very sure the BJ was allowed when I signed up but I have no proof.
I got an email from them:
Dear xxxxxxx,

Thank you for choosing VegasRed.

We are in receipt of your email.

Please be advised that the date on which you signed up and made your first deposit (10/30/03) the rules on wagering were as follows:

"Bets placed on Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Casino War, Blackjack Switch & Sic Bo will be not be counted toward wagering requirements. "

Hence, we regret to inform you that blackjack will not count towards your wagering requirements.

We are sorry for any inconveniences caused.

I don't know what to do here. It's not a lot of money. I just felt being cheated on this...
Looks like I got lucky here because I chose to play VP on this deal and made some good money. I am not paid yet but I hope to be so soon.

This behavior of changing terms retroactively is very immoral, especially for a brand-new Casino that is supposed to build a good relation to their customers first if they want to get any business.

I had to cover the wagering for my 1st deal too (i won on my second one) because I was too lazy to struggle plus I kept getting good cards.

Very BAD practice Vegas Red, you HEAR me?!?!? :uhoh:
VP should be fine. I also made a nice $1K (well, $900 if you include my deposit LOL) and I just have to get my identification sorted out, they wouldn't accept the picture of me with horns :evil:
I played here over the weekend and made a pretty good profit on VP as well. The cashin process was a bit confusing though. Since the bonus is sticky, you need to subtract the bonus amount from your bankroll before you request a withdrawl. In otherwords, you can withdraw all but the $222 bonus (if you deposited $100) in your account as long as you met the w/r. This was not obvious though.

I thought that you'd request a w/d for the entire amount and it would automatically take out the bonus money before they sent your winnings. As a result, every time I tried to w/d the entire amount, it wouldn't let me. After I spoke to support, who spoke to finance, they said I have to do the math myself and leave at least $222 in my account (the bonus). Did that and the w/d went thru just fine.

I did make a copy of the t&c before I started, and will try to post it here later if anyone is interested. I don't recall exactly what it said or which day I got it, so it may or may not be helpful to those of you looking for it.

I did get an email late last nite asking for a copy of my ID (standard stuff) so they could process my cashin. I"m sending that in a minute (remember you can't send a scan to them from certain public mail accounts like yahoo!, it will never get thru) and according to the website, its a 4 day wait. I used neteller, so I should know pretty quickly when its processed and will let you guys know here as well.
Oh, and I got the impression from support that the $222 would stay in my account until I lost it, so there may be the potential to use that bonus for more play. I'm waiting until my cashin is done though before I do anything more with it though.
Congratulation on your win!
You got to tell me the secret of winning on VP. I practice at Wizards of Odds few times before I started to real play. I did a terrible job. LOL~
Keep us update when you get your money.....
They declined my withdrawal again. I gave up. I don't like to fight over it. They won't even return the deposit. So I had to play to meet the wager requirement. I went to play VP and slot...and the money is way down, so I play BJ after I met the requirement. All suddenly, the dealer got a lot BJ and 20.....

Let's put this way, it's my own fault. I lost all. I am pretty mad now (because I lost??? Of course!LOL)

To me, this behavior is stealing. They didn't follow their words and refuse to honor their own T&C. :flamemad:

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aww, sorry to hear that bewitch. I got kinda busy last nite and forgot to check that T&C copy I had, hopefully I'll remember tonite.

I don't really know about any secret of winning on VP other than persistence, knowing and using the proper strategy for the game (critical!), and finding a game with a good paytable is important as well.

I suggest that you buy a copy of Bob Dancer's Winpoker. Its an EXCELLENT program that will allow you to analyze payback for almost any game, define your own game (like A&F), modify paytables to match the game you want to play, and most importantly you can play any game on it and it will help teach you the best strategy by showing you any mistakes you make and what they'd cost. Its really a great program for not alot of money.
jpm, Thank you!
This is just a hobby now. I will read the book when I get more serious. LOL~ Watch out, casino.....

I am mad because they were playing game with me. They returned my withdrawal again and again. And kept reply my email saying I can't withdrawal because I have to follow their NEW T&C because it was set on 10/30 (which is a LIE). I explained to them many times and they refuse to accept it.

I was stupid and being a fool to let them get me. I got the $100 back from Intercasino today anyway(LOL). Glad you guys win. Good luck to get your money.

I just don't get it how come others get withdrawal approval and I didn't even we are under the same suitation....Maybe I should write an angry email to them instead of being polite.
Well the copy of the T&C I have is dated Saturday, November 01, 2003, 3:19:21 AM and it has the following limitations:

To claim the above 2nd and 3rd deposit play bonuses, both your deposits must be made within one week of your initial deposit.
Bets placed on Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Casino War, Blackjack Switch & Sic Bo will be not be counted toward wagering requirements.
The total combined maximum play bonus that will be given for the first, second, third and fourth deposit is $888.

If anyone wants the entire copy, let me know and I can email it to you.
I think this goes to show that whenever you take up a bonus, you should print out a copy of the T&Cs, and print out a copy of the html source code as well. Place them in a sealed envelope and mail it to yourself.

When you receive it, don't open it! If there is a similar dispute concerning T&Cs, bring in a witness to watch you open the envelope, (have someone video taping you of course) and post the mpg file online so everyone can witness you showing the old T&Cs. Make sure you film the postmark and the sealed section of the envelope so we know that it hasn't been tampered with.

I think this will work. :D
Not trying to rub it in, but I just got paid from my deposit & cashin of 10/29. :) :(

Edit: (I was originally denied because I played BJ). I think 10/29 was the key.

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