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Sep 4, 2004
I played their sign up bonus. According to TC wager req. is 16 times the deposit. So i played 16 times the deposit. Still system doesn't let me to withdraw. When i wrote an email to the casino the answer was not understandable for me, saying about the difference between bonus and playable bonus etc. Did anybody play and cash in there already? Will appreciate any help on this one.

Here is an excerpt from their TC if it will help:

players must meet the minimum wagering requirement of 16 times the deposit in real money bets (not bonus money) to be in compliance.
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seanjohn said:
becasue it was no longer 16...but 20 as of sept 1st

Unfortunately for me, that is not the reason. I played there one month ago. So i had to play 16 times deposit. And i played it. Still they say i need to wager more because the differ between real money bets and bonus money bets. And i cannot understand this.
It's usually 16 times the deposit + BONUS. Say, you've deposited $100 and got $50 bonus. You have to wager 16 x $100+$50 = $2400 (and not 16 x $100 = $1600). Maybe this is the misunderstanding ?

Let me help you on this one

Here is how sandspiper works.

When you deposit money you will get a bonus. When you place bets the loosing bets are being taken off your deposit rather then your bonus.
Example: you deposit 100$, get 100$ of bonus. You have to wager 16x your deposit to withdraw the bonus.
If your balance at any point drops for 100$ and you only have the bonus left, the wagers are not being counted towards the 16x requirement because you are wagering with your bonus money, not your deposited money. So to transfer the bonus chips from bonus money to real money at this example loosing 100$ deposit scenario , the only way is to deposit more money and wager the deposit required to obtain the bonus 16 times.

and after your bonus drops
do you need to wager the bonus 16 times before you can withdraw it?
the bonus

The bonus used to be "instant" . Atleast i recieved the bonus after waiting approximately 5 mins, and didnt wager anything. The requirement only starts after you recieve the bonus.


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