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Mar 19, 2006
Hi all,

Is playing using some strategys or money management method allows in online casino?

Yes, why not. It's not Illegal I guess. However , in case you try fulfilling some bonus requirements by using a "bet $1 all the time" strategy, you might get busted, so be careful . Good luck! :thumbsup:

Edit : Now that I read your post again : What exactly do you mean by "Money management method"?
Why wouldn't they be?

Just have a look around
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, there are lots of basic statergy charts for most games. These will minimise the house edge but its still -EV. As for money management, if your talking "up as you lose" systems or "up as you win" systems (martingale, fibonacci, reverse martingale etc) then most certainly yes. The casino would love you for ever if you bet like this!!
If I understand the question correctly - sure.

Thats because casinos can't do anythng about good basic strategy (and often even help you play that) and the other strategies generally don't work and are good for the casino's earnings.

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