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need help getting my winnings

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by laura4140, May 9, 2011.

    May 9, 2011
  1. laura4140

    laura4140 Dormant account

    Independent sales rep beauty industry
    Studio City CA
    Im nw to the world of online gambling. I happened to find out about unfortuately due to someone who hacked through my router that I didnt secure properly when i move. Many charges were put on my mothers bank card as well as opening e check and quicktender. Took me months to sort all this mess out as well as the banks doing there own investigations which is how I found out how they got all the information. that being said I got curious myself to online gambling and did a lot of reading and never finding the answers Im looking for. Fast forward, its been about 6 months now that this happened. I decided I wanted to try a few casinos. I have signed up deposited and been flagged due to my IP address each time ive explained situation and thought it would be resolved. As of today when I go to make my first withdraw of 1650.00 dollars I find out otherwise. This is with Winward Casino. I opened that account with slots viilage first and went through security to explain my story and they okayed me and took all the steps before I even deposited. Ive made at least 30 deposits there etc. No withdraws. I played at Top Game Winward Casino and won the money. Ive gone through 2 days of complete run around lies and they know that I took care of this matter back last Nov at their sister site slots village. Ray is the person I talked to back then and now. Again the chargebacks from ID theft were not even in my name but its my IP address. Everything is in their records and they know that. Why else would I deposit if I wasnt able to be paid if I won. I read every rule followed everything to the letter to insure this wouldnt happen. They have since blocked my emails what does that tell you. The fact that I have over 30 deposits in their casinos and they are giving me this exuse that I had already cleared 6 months ago. I looked on this forum before I even deposited the other day for complaints and they were all in 2008 after reading a recommendation of fast withdraw and best top game site to get paid I had figured they had changed. I was wrong. Everything I read happened to me to the letter. What I need help with is how to go about getting paid or getting somewhere in the right manner. I also would like to play in other casinos but some of those rtg or rivals (which Ive signed up with but not depositied) were where charge backs were. Can I clear up this mess. Im quickly learning that thinking everything gets cleared its obviously not as Im finding out with first withdraw. I personally dont see the correlation about charge backs from none of winward casinos and my 30 deposits after being cleared to play has to do with my winnings. Ive proved to them it wasnt me and they can see my deposits. The chargeback rule usually pertains to the casino your playing to void winnings. Im confused and need help. Again I cleared this up sent in my docs dealt with security and they gave me the go ahead. They didnt mind taking my 30 deposits. Please help me I need good advice.
  2. May 9, 2011
  3. Repro

    Repro Dormant account PABnononaccred PABnonaccred

    Please use spaces, this is very hard to read !

    Personally i don't understand why people still play at Topgame casino's if you read the stories on this forum. I never play there.

    I really don't think they can get away with this. You SPECIFICALLY explained the situation and they accepted/approved this upfront. They also accepted the 30 deposits without any further communication.

    I assume you got emails or something as proof to cover your story ? If you do, you can try to forward it to their support and see how they respond.

    I'm not sure if they've got a rep here, but if they do you can try to PM him.
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  4. May 9, 2011
  5. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    FYI, the casino Rep page is here, the Rep for Winward is MissMD. Send the Rep a Private Message (PM) and see how things go from there.
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  6. May 10, 2011
  7. laura4140

    laura4140 Dormant account

    Independent sales rep beauty industry
    Studio City CA
    thank you for the information. Sorry I didnt space Im new to forums just learning.

    Back in November of last year I have an email sending all the information they asked for.

    Unfortunately some of communication was done by phone. It is also in my records because when my account got locked after winning Oliver unblocked because he read the notes.

    Again when I went to resubmit my withdraw and sent in documents again they blocked me again and it went down hill from there.

    I was offered all my deposits back yet he wouldnt unlock my account so I could see exactly how many and by what credit card. I called him back in an hour

    like he stated and still couldnt give me an amount. I said how can you give me back my money when they are different cards and some are pre paid.

    I know about top game reputation but because of my situation and that I had been approved and cleared and because of the post I read here couple of days ago saying Winward pays I decided to deposit.

    Bottom line is they have blocked my emails, hang up on me, are very evasive and realize im getting nowhere fast. I dont think they intend to do anything. I will

    I thought I had done all I could to cover my bases met every requirement etc but I realize I am dealing with those without any ethics.

    Thanks for your suggestions I will try to get hold of someone that actually will be of help.
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  8. May 11, 2011
  9. ksech

    ksech Dormant account

    Skeptical...wasn't it around this time last year there was a member who had similar claims? I don't remember the outcome, but I don't believe the end result was favorable to the player...And if memory serves me correctly (which is not a for-sure-thing these days) when they didn't get the "help" they thought they rightly deserved they went to a different forum with the same issues.
  10. May 11, 2011
  11. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    This router hack is probably the tip of the iceberg. It seems the OP was not given the advice they really needed, and was not aware of how deep this issue went. The fraudster probably did a lot MORE that has yet to be discovered. Although thefts from her mother's card were detected, investigated, and cleared up, the fraudsters probably used the information stolen from the PC to steal identities, and open as yet undiscovered accounts in those names to further the fraud. These will only come to light when they complete one fraud and move on, and the monies end up being charged back. Some of these have probably come to light more recently, and since it seems the fraud was aimed at online casinos and payment methods, none of this would have come to light through any investigation by her bank and other authorities.

    Winward, of course, acted in a rogue manner by leading this player to believe everything had been cleared up, and then taking 30 deposits after this, and ONLY saying it had never been cleared up when the player came to withdraw.

    Winward had a no-lose situation on their hands, as they would either have won money from the player, or had to return the deposits. The player could NEVER have won.

    IP address alone being "absolute" evidence is bollocks in any case. IP addresses are often shared in any case, and this is by DESIGN because most ISPs have not been allocated enough IP addresses to give every subscriber their own unique one.

    Since the situation regarding the fraudulent use of the router, the IP address, now secured and reclaimed by it's owner, is NOT connected to any CURRENT fraud attempts, and will not be unless hacked again.

    If Winward were not satisfied with the explanation, they should NEVER have indicated that they were, and should NOT have allowed the OP to join a sister casino and carry on depositing.

    The OP should realise that this mess is NOT "cleared up" by any means, and the fraudsters may still be actively using the details they stole.

    It is reckoned to take an average of 5 YEARS to clear this kind of issue up enough for the victim to be able to conduct "business as usual", so there is at least another 4 years left where extra care is needed. Rely on NOTHING agreed by phone (another rogue trick), and get all agreements in writing. A reluctance to confirm something in writing is a sign that they want a means to renege on the agreement by claiming it never even existed.

    For added "clearing up". Get new hardware (router & PC), and change ISP to get a significantly different IP address range. This will ensure that no links exist between the compromised hardware and further activity. Swap everything over at the same time. get new cards and bank accounts, or at least new account numbers. Keep the old accounts open & available in case refunds and payments are made this way from the casino.

    Unsecured Wi-Fi is the main security hole in home networks, the second being unprotected PCs, making them prone to malware infection.
  12. May 12, 2011
  13. laura4140

    laura4140 Dormant account

    Independent sales rep beauty industry
    Studio City CA
    thank you for your input vinylweatherman. I had a hard time with the banks because the banks just kept replacing the bank cards 3 times and charges kept on coming

    this went on for months and when it happened the fourth time the banks started to accuse my mother (who has no clue about computers or gambling online) of doing it herself and was going to hold her accountable for all these charges.

    I told the bank after the second card got charges to close the account and reopen another account, but since customer service is usually somewhere in the phillipines, the lack of their understanding of the Engish language they sent yet another card.

    Finally I asked to speak with someone in the United States and asked for the number of a higher authority since this wasnt getting resolved. When I spoke to someone who was of help they actually did a thorough investigation which took some time and

    what they did find out was the cause was my wi fi router etc being compromised.

    It took quite a long time for the bank to come back with their findings, and it wasnt until they were satisfied with their investigation cleared my mother of the charges.

    I had never had a problem with wi fi security before but I had just moved and my friend who is a computer genius is usually the one who takes care of securing router and all that technical stuff I have no clue about.

    Im sure like you said there are more things to come with her identity theft that have yet to show im trying to stay on top of it.

    Since i nor my mother have gambled online or knew before this it ever existed, i was naive in everyway. I live near and have work in Las Vegas and have always gambled there for years.

    Hindsight is 20/20. I emailed Malci and she replied and said before she contacted the casino that she already knew what their answer would be. Due to chargbacks etc. and never seeing deposit money they would void my winnings

    but she would make sure I got my deposit back. I dont think she understood the situation. I just emailed her back and said they never had any charge backs

    and it wasnt just one deposit Ive made 30. I also clarified that this was taken care of with Ray in security prior to my ever depositing and it is stated on my account.

    I spoke with Ray yesterday and he got quiet and then acknowledged as such, and then stated I dont know what to say im just an agent of the casino. Try emailing management.

    It was a better answer than what I got from him before. All I can do is see what happens and live and learn. Malci said she would make sure I got my deposit back.

    Im going to make sure I get all 30 back. Thats quite a bit of money. Obviously they will have to write a check since I have used pre paid visa cards for many of those deposits.

    I will wait to hear from Malci and go from there. This whole thing has given me a big headache. Im not going to give up until some resolution is made.

    Hard lesson to learn. I thought notes on my account would suffice and the fact I sent in everything Ray requested before I began playing in casino was all i needed.

    I dont know how people can live with their conscience knowing I did what was asked of me and then do nothing to support that even when their is evidence I took those steps.

    Perhaps if casinos asked for documents prior to anyway depositing and gambling in their casinos fraud like what happened to my mother wouldnt happen as much.

    they dont though, they only ask when someone wins.

    Now my question is will I ever be able to gamble at an online casino and if so what do I need to do and to whom do I speak to prior to avoid this. The other crazy thing is, is the fraud is in my mothers name not mine. Just my ip address.

    How do I change my IP address. Im clueless on that one.

    Thanks again for all you help
  14. May 12, 2011
  15. laura4140

    laura4140 Dormant account

    Independent sales rep beauty industry
    Studio City CA
    And yes all accounts have now been changed I forgot to mention that
  16. May 12, 2011
  17. laura4140

    laura4140 Dormant account

    Independent sales rep beauty industry
    Studio City CA
    Forgot one more thing. Vinylweatherman I have a brand new PC and Routher. I dont know what ISP is and how do I change all this etc. Appreciate your help. Im really dumb when

    it comes to this.
  18. May 12, 2011
  19. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    wow, ya got such a good memory. i'd better treat you well otherwise you might hate me forever.:p
  20. May 12, 2011
  21. MissMD

    MissMD Dormant account

    Affiliate Program Manager
    Romania/Costa Rica/UK
    Revenue Giants.com

    Hello friends,

    Just a quick note to say thank you to BingoT and maxd, Laura contacted me and we are working on investigating the situation and to solve it privately.

    Best Affiliate Program :thumbsup:
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