Need Feedback on Countdown List for US Player Friendly Sites


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Apr 28, 2010
Orlando, Fl
Here are the five sites I want to use on my countdown. But, I want a little help putting them in the right order from 5th best to 1st best and I figured this was the best place to come for a little unbiased opinions :)

Carbon Poker, Bodog Poker, Doylesroom, Players Only, Sportsbook Poker

Here are the five sites I want to use on my countdown.
a) I don't know what you mean by your "countdown"... :confused:
b) With the very recent events I don't think it's wise for any Americans to be playing at, or webmasters to be promoting any Poker sites to USA players.

Sure thing, seems they are really cracking down so I would just lay low for awhile. Dont try to deposit anywhere or open any new accounts anywhere because you may not be able to get your money back out! They are really taking it up a notch in screwing the US player. So wrong in my opinion. Watch out people..."The Casino Gestapo" is watching the US players very carefully! Such BS!
Thanks for the advice. I am pretty upset about this whole situation. :( Hoping things will get better but it just seams to be getting worse and worse.
I think the list goes:

1. Merge (Carbon and friends)
2. Bodog
3. Cake Network
4. Everleaf (Minted Poker, Poker4ever)
5. True Poker (includes Doyle's and Bookmaker)

Merge is the clear front runner IMO. They are the biggest and have by far the best software. From there they all run together. Bodog is second because of their age and history of always finding a way to pay players although I would be concerned that they may be next on a DOJ hit list. Cake is just blah, Everleaf is tiny but stable, True is very small and has few banking options.

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