need cooperation !!


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Nov 19, 2006
cooperation !!

hello.everybody !

i have some stolen United Kingdom credit card datas.

i can deposit a lot of money in casio.

but the difficulty is to cash out .if anybody can cooperate with me,i will give you %50 each time.

these steps:

1. must register a gambling casio account.

2.use my stolen credit card datas to deposit money in this account.

3.find a method to transfer the money in this account to our own casio account.(notice if your method is not good enough,the casio will ban our own account)

4.withdraw the money from our own account.

that is all.

i need a real best person who good at playing gambling casio to help me to do this.

if interested in it ,contact me .

waiting for your reply !
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Yeah, I'm in - Great idea!!

Probably best not to email me for security reasons - give me a call insted. The telephone number is 999 - or you might be able to get me on my USA number, 911 too. Ask for Lieutenant (Lou for short), and best to use a 'codename' for yourself too, so I know who's calling. As a secret code, use the following sentence:

"Hello, can I speak to the Lieutenant please? I'm a complete balloon who needs locking up for my own safety; removing me from the gene pool can only be a positive thing for humankind as a whole"

That should do it.

Look forward to working with you! :thumbsup:
i think it is not difficult for an experienced gambling palyer to cooperate with me.:lolup:

new player dont contact me ,thank you !
:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
It's because of losers like you that the rest of us have to put up with tight bonus terms, fraud checks, ID and doumentation requirements etc. :mad:
You are a sorry excuse for a human being, James Bond.

He earned himself a ban for his bad attempt at a joke (I hope). If not a stupid joke, I hope he is reported to the authorities.

What a moron.

..Why is this even allowed in here?

It's not - and the guy is history. By the way, if any posts pop up that you feel are questionable - please use the "Report Post" button located on every posting. That will usually grab mine or Simmos!' attention.

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For Real

There was a TV Programme about this a while back. The data that can be obtained really IS enough to pull off this scam!
Casinos are aware of this, and so are the authorities. In India, the government are very worried about this, as it is often their call centres from which this data is obtained. Because of the serious damage a loss of confidence in the security of data held in India can cause, the penalties are high.
Getting the money out is hard, which is why this "person" is trying to solicit help. Pity he/she chose the worst possible forum to try this, or have they actually made this offer on ALL forums. There are some forums whose members may well take up this offer.

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