Need Advice on Which Poker room to use?


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Oct 19, 2004
las vegas
The site I use right now assures me that their poker room will be launched very soon, but I want to play this weekend. Can somebody give a shout out as to which ones are the cream of the crop? ..which ones do I avoid for sure?

The biggest and best are Party Poker (and skins Empire, Intertops, Multi, Euro, Pokernow) Pokerstars, Ultimate Bet and Paradise. Of those 4 the easiest I think is Party. They even have a scam to use any major credit card via phone card if you are not quite set up with Neteller. The software is easy and the games are full of fish.

Ones to avoid, well, just about every time I play a Dobrosoft room I have some sort of disappointment, the latest was the Platinum Poker Club. They made up rules as they went along for many players concerning cashouts, the games raised questions too. The Americas Card Room group, another Dobrosoft is strong cash wise but has the worst rake in the business.

In the poker world there arent anywhere near the payment issues that it seems the casino world has. It is very rare to hear a non pay story and usually it is fraud related when these stories come up. Every so often a rogue appears, the last was Choice Poker (another Dobrosoft room) that ran off with all the money, the software company and ACR eventually came up to redeem the players as seen in another thread here.

If you stick with those big 4 you cant go wrong.

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