Resolved Need advice on iNetBet - don't want to lose 6k from one spin :(

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Nov 7, 2017
Hello community,

I'm really hoping that posting here will produce some good advice from the slots community. I am a long time online slots player, and have played at many of the casinos with my share of wins and losses.

But something crazy happened to me last night, and I don't know what to do....

I played at an accredited casino for the first time (I won't name in case I have to use the PAB service). I got a 200% deposit bonus. Deposited $150 for $450 total and away I went.

In the casino lobby, I noticed a new game I hadn't seen before "Banana Jones" in the "Latest Games" section, sandwiched in between 2 other slot games. I decided to try it out. I entered the game, pressed a $2 bet and hit spin.

OH CRAP I realized........this isn't a slot. Its a board game. Now I'm freaking out because I know my winnings might all be void because of the terms and conditions.......assuming of course that I win, which was unlikely. So I immediately stopped playing and went to slots. I only spun one time on the board game.

I tried to contact a live rep to explain the mistake. Their chat was offline last night for hours.

One spin.

Then it happened. I started winning. A lot. I won about $2000, but still had a playthrough. Then I won a jackpot for $4000!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I had over 7k at one point. I hadn't hit a jack pot in years.

All said and done, I have a balance of over $6000 from my $150 deposit.

But I am so worried they will void everything because of that one spin. I honestly thought I was going into a slot game. I could barely sleep last night because I was so stressed out.

I don't know what to do. I sent a PM to their rep, and I've sent in my documents to be able to withdraw.

Advice please..........what do I do?
Advice please..........what do I do?
You need to look at what the specific T&Cs for the bonus you took say.

Banana Jones only came out a couple of weeks back - and I thought it was a slot at first too!
There is nothing to tell you what sort of game it is until after you chose your bet size and then the game instantly starts playing, with no chance to back out.
Any reasonable casino would have to agree - and as they are accredited they certainly SHOULD be reasonable!

Let us know how it goes...
And Welcome to the Forum!

I agree. I completely thought it was a slot. But the T&C's say the bonus had to be used on slots/keno - and board games were excluded.

So technically, they could void my winnings because of this. But I'm hoping they realize it was a mistake, a genuine mistake.

Plus it was one measly spin...
If it is an accredited casino it would be in their best interest to pay you which in turn would be advertising and showing hey guys we are a good casino which in turn would make some people here maybe deposit with them.:)
I would not count on it, especially if the coupon expressly prohibited board games, as there is only one, and it is new. It is not in your favour that you are a new customer.

I hope that given it is such a new game category they do not void your later winnings, especially if you won nothing from the one spin.

You should however be given a “do-over”, so you won’t be out your deposit as well at the very least.

Please let us know the outcome and the Casino.
I won $16 dollars from the one spin. I will let everyone know the outcome and the casino regardless of the decision.

Tonight, they emailed me and asked me for a copy of my bank statement since I had requested a bank wire withdraw. I hope that is a good sign. I promptly sent it to them.

I would really enjoy being able to come back to this thread and give them some positive feedback.
Besides, the fact there is only one and it is new is more of a reason to give me a pass on the spin. I literally had not seen it before and thought i was in a slot....
Well ... to those interested, and also to no surprise, they declined my payouts. I will have to submit a PAB i guess.
I was interested in. And I feel very sorry to read this conclusion. I hope that you can someway find a better solution thru the PAB. I don't know if my request is breaking the PAB rules, but I am really curious to know which casino is. I wish you best luck.
Just wonder what PAB helps? You said that T&C clearly says board games are exluced and casino has right to void winnings. But yes that's not fair. Your rule violation is so small. If casino is fair they should just forgive it and pay. But as I said it is now only in the hands of the casino what they do. Not very good ad for casino if they decide to be *******.
As a couple of examples Tropica Casino managed this with no problem on Rival slots five years ago, try to open a prohibited game on a bonus and it simply won't let you do it.

Just the other week at 3Dice I tried to open Ching-Ching whilst on a bonus and got a pop-up saying it wasn't playable on a bonus and wouldn't let me open the slot.

This is clearly easy enough to implement, the casinos just don't want to do it as it gives them (yet another) way to refuse to pay a player, and then cite the three billion pages of T&Cs, one line of which had been violated.
Update: I have contacted a casino rep via this website and he said he would review it for me, but I don't have high hopes. I also emailed the casino directly with a plea for a decision reversal.

I'm planning on following the PAB guidelines, so I'm giving the casino and their rep an opportunity to fix this. Or at a minimum offer a solution.

After that, if unsuccessful, will be a PAB.

I'd love to share the casino name, but don't want to risk a chance at resolution. Either way, good or bad I'll post the casino name and decision eventually.

It's just sad... The casinos could easily block the games to prevent this from happening. And to hold a player accountable for 1000's of dollars for a one spin, understandable mistake, is a terrible customer experience to say the least.

I really hope they recognize this.
Hey @mfrasher!

You don't have to be afraid of telling us the casino name. Did they forbid you mentioning it?
I'd gladly gladly give my best to help, together with other forums members I'm sure, but without the name we can't make further steps.
Yeah it would be nice to tell us the casino name here. If there is an accredited casino that isnt paying you because of a simple mistake like this then I think we should all know and so should all the lurkers. You are doing other fellow players a favor because many people would avoid this group knowing if they made a mistake, they wont be paid.

I dont play at casinos like that considering they put the max bet button right beside the play button on most slots. So its quite easy to make a mistake

Sounds like something a casino like casino cruise would do
If you still feel pretty uncomfortable with revealing a name, you can always PM me with such info :)
I'm only not posting their name due to the PAB 2.3 rule -- Don't sabotage your complaint.

I agree, it will be beneficial for all to know the outcome. Once this is resolved I will definitely post. Hopefully with a positive result.

As I think back.... This was because of one spin (my very first spin at this casino). Crazy. I even tried to contact their live support immediately and it wasn't working that night...

Makes me wonder why I do this (I play every week), when the casinos will treat you this way.
wish casinos would stop with sh(# like this already

its almost 2019. im pretty sure technology has advanced that much that now we have tools to make restricted games unplayable with bonus :oops: Every casino that refuses to do so is just abusing ancient predatory rules, theres no another way around it.

we need either ukgc or someone to get rid of all the trap rules that serve only one purpose, to void players winnings. There are already casinos that wont let you play with bonus/wont let you bet over $5 or whatever is max bet with bonus and so on.

I really believe there have been millions of cases where casinos were allowed to legally steal money because they refuse to implement simple checks because it suits them that way. I know id expect crap like that from random curacao casinos but accredited casinos should really be trap free.

And yes even if its in their T&C , paragraph 481.4c, that doesnt make it any less predatory.
The think that irks me with this one is that, from the game name and icon, it isn’t obvious what type of game it is.

I’ve just noticed it on a mobile slot site under ‘new games’ so would have assumed it to be a slot too.

I hope it all comes good for you in the end x fingers crossed.
Dude, totally. I completely thought it was a slot. You can't even see the game until you choose a bet amount. And it was placed next to other slots as well.

I feel duped.
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