need a high limit roulette casino game


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Sep 9, 2005
Some casino there is a min of ony $100 per game the highest I found was $500 on casino on net. I want something like $5000 $10000 or no limit. Is there any trustful casino that can give a very high limit table.
If you've played at a casino you're comfortable with, meaning you've deposited and cashed out a few times with no problems, email their support staff and ask them what their policy is for highrollers. Any reputable casino will be more than happy to take your money. :D
wager logic-32red -ladbrokes

hello i would suggest for you the willhill -sandsof caribbean- omni they have range bets from 1-5000 also 32 red and ladbrokes from microgaming have high stakesthey you funds is insured for 100k i never had problems with them hardly heard any one (just the abusers who abused their system)
I guess I have to go with what most of you got for me since casino on net wont give me VIP status even though I explain that I will play high limit. I think it's becuase I win alot of their money. I have been a member with them for many years so I thought that will help me become a VIP player.

I am stuck with 32red and the others you guys posted. Also ladbrokes does not accept USA customers. So I going to try all of them on free play before I play to see which on of them are good.

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