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Dormant account
Aug 23, 2003
I have had a hell of a time with Natural Casino. I deposited $25 Aug 16, from my ecashpay, and after about 8 phone calls, the money finally appeared on thurs. Aug 21.
Now that the money is in my account, whenever I log in and try to pull up a game, it is a blank page with the number 1 at the top. Before the money was posted, I could log into the games, but now it wont work.
After several more calls to ecashpay, they told me it was my browser--it's not. I requested them to just give me my money back, but they say they can't without the approval of Natural Casino. But isn't Natural owned by ecashpay?
I looked up this casino before purchasing chips. It is fairly new, and what I found was positive. I am thinking that ecashpay is no good. When you call support from Natural Casino, you are routed directly to ecashpay. I have all of my e-mail correspondence with ecashpay. When you REPLY to their emails at, the emails are returned undeliverable. They always answer the phone; although, half the time, they want me to call back when a manager is there. I don't recommend play at this site... I am reserving judgement of ecashpay until this issue is resolved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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