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Jul 18, 2007
Hi. My first post.

I follow this site and am aware of Rogue casinos and the many issues with them. Consequently I haven't purchased in one for years. Today, however, I received a call from one saying I have a $50 credit from an old birthday bonus and am eligible for another. I'd have to play the $50 and make another purchase before getting the second bonus. I downloaded, played the $50 and checked here before making a deposit. Sure enough, it was rogued . . big time. When I tried to uninstall, I couldn't find it in the Add/Remove list. I called them saying I was having a problem and wanted to uninstall and all they would suggest is to re-install over the old one. I specifically asked how to uninstall if that didn't correct the problem and he said he didn't know how.

Yeah, I went for it. Foolish me!!

Maybe my computer skills are nonexistent. I'd love some help in uninstalling. The only way I know how is the Add/Remove list and it's not there.

Also, is it possible (or likely) that I could get a nasty virus or worse. I had to turn off my spy blocker in order to download.

Help! I'm feeling really stupid.


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Apr 24, 2004
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Welcome to the Forum Natking

Go into Program Files in the C drive or whatever drive that you saved the download to and you should be able to find the casino in question there where you can delete the file folder that was created when you downloaded the casino....


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Dec 26, 2007
Just a note. some casinos you need to go to programs,, casino name, and then it will have an uninstall under it. others when you try to reinstall it will ask if you want to uninstall previous version, you say yes and after when it asks do you want to continue with install you say no. Good Luck

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