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Oct 26, 2006
I have been in contact with them for weeks over a simple $75 CPA. "In Contact" means I send them several emails, they respond and promise a prompt reply, then after three or four days I try again and get a new promise that they don't keep. I have signed up 55 players with Naked in just over two months of promotion, and they are ignoring me completely. I can't even begin to express how frustrated I am with them. I am trying to find a way to file formal grievances through multiple avenues, as I don't want them cheating other people out of more.
These guys also have games grid (same site same players zero porn)

I had a quick look at the affiliate information.

Do you have any agreement other than the (terms and conditions less) information on the affilaite section of the website? Whilst I have a legal background I am not offering legal advice on this matter just trying to highlight and clarify factual aspects of this case.

Also have the players met the "*Affiliate commissions are released once a referred player reaches 100 NakedPoker points" requirements for payment.

With out more information it is hard to form a view of these guys. I dont carry them on my forum because there is so little action on that site (as of a few months ago) that i saw little scope for getting a decent uptake but that was via games grid that i viewed the network. 75$ CPA is a good rate for a poker room (assuming they pay) but the fact that the average person who sets this up will not get any T&C's is not good business practice.

Some sites (dream poker i think etc) do not view affiliates refunding part of the rake to players favorably. I see your site is called rakesomethingorother so this might be another factor. it is hard to know where you stand.
If it is CPA I am sure it has nothing to do with rakeback. There could have been some sort of kickback from the CPA, who knows. Naked Poker offered a great bonus that required players playing well beyond 100 player points to collect so I doubt that is the problem. They got bonuswhored to death though in September so maybe they are stil trying to recover from that.
Not that I promote Poker nor am a poker player, but being a casino affiliate for many years I have a retorical question.

Who whould hold faith in a business in the gaming industry that coined part of its name as Naked? I wouldn't that's for sure :rolleyes:

Porn & gambling don't make good bed partners.
Porn & gambling don't make good bed partners.
Surely, the ideal opportunity to relieve the punters of their cash is when they are not thinking with their brains. Fortune Lounge had and maybe still has a special affiliate program for porn webmasters.

The Rio in Vegas has the bikini pit where blackjack pays 1:1. This adds more than 2% to the house edge, but some people are willing to pay this just to look at women in bikini.
Still nothing from them. I got a cursory explanation of my player signups sent to me, but not one word about my CPA. The player in question played about 4200 raked hands to clear over 500 points so he would get an additional $500 bonus from NP, which obviously puts him above the necessary 100 points.

I don't give any rakeback to players on NP, as I don't know how much MGR they have. I can see how many raked hands they've played, and that's it. I also promote GamesGrid (only one signup ever who's never logged in!) and Tony G Poker (with fair success) and haven't had much trouble. However, I am starting to suspect communication with all three sites is horrible, because I sent a player inquiry (meaning as a player) to GamesGrid multiple times and never got a response. The affiliate manager at Tony G has very sketchy email apparently and never responds to mine there either, and doesn't check his PMs on a site like PAW but maybe once a week, which is dreadfully slow when I have questions.

I didn't think promoting this site would be any trouble, as I had been playing on GamesGrid for a while and knew about Tony G Poker. I suppose I thought the same network would equal the same kind of reporting and service, but I was only partly right. I guess it was a mistake on my part.

Oh, in the response I got from NP about reporting... They told me to email "" for a solution to my problem. The email was returned to me as an invalid address, and when I emailed NP again to inquire about this, I never got an answer. They also said any responses to that email would continue to keep the matter open and I would get help.

Gah. I guess I just hate this because I'm awfully trusting and figure that good business makes you more money than underhanded practices. I "pitched a bitch" about it but haven't heard anything back yet, either. I guess I just wait and stop promoting Naked in the meantime (well, I already had. I guess I keep stopping, lol).
Well I seem to be having trouble getting paid from TonyG Poker as a player - some excuse about "more stringent accounting procedures we are now required to carry out under the terms of our gaming licence."

I made use of their signup bonus and met the requirements but looks like Im going to be shafted. If I do I'll just make sure everyone knows about it wherever I visit.

Good luck with Naked Poker!
... I "pitched a bitch" about it but haven't heard anything back yet, either. I guess I just wait and stop promoting Naked in the meantime (well, I already had. I guess I keep stopping, lol).
I'm checking my PAB records now, and I had emailed them on the 2nd of November - no response.

Have you been in contact with this "manager"?
To be honest I am realy a bit confused here. The moment I see an operator using a hotmail or yahoo email I get suspicious. I have never heard of Nakedpoker (added I have been out of touch lately but nevertheless)

If you check the Whois for you get the following results...
Na-Po Ltd.
Gordon Mifsud
Fax: +356.1234567
Regent House, Office 21, Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM 15
Malta, 00000

The Phone details is clearly fake

I cannot find any info on Google for Na-Po Ltd

But for Gordon Mifsud I find the following...

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Security Service Malta Managing Director Gordon Mifsud speaks to David Lindsay about the evolution of security services in Malta and finds a rapidly developing sector that these days is going far beyond the mere provision of the traditional watchmen

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Managing Director1
International Management Services Ltd - MALTA

The server is located in District Of Columbia - Washington (Netlinks)
IP History: 30 changes. Using 13 unique IP addresses in 2 years
Since March this year there has been 21 changes to the WHOIS information.

Skill Games Ltd points me to CyberArts. Outdated URL (Invalid) They seem to be the software providers for nakedpoker. Perhaps contacting them can be helpfull to get the people really responsible so at least we know exactly what is potting here.

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