N1 vip support. How would you rate your VIP rep or support at your favorite place?


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May 31, 2015
N1 rep really dont get it.. and I have to be the one that complains.

I had a lot of experiences that should make someone quit doing his favorite activity over the years at many.online casinos. As a manager in a different buisness area, when I meet a client with my profile, I am polite, fun and obviously never lie. Does it really have to be the opposite for a guy that spends money while playing negative expected value games and making sure the affilates can eat steaks and drink wine all year long? If you feel that every customer is pathetic, it's time to go manage a different kind of buisness and not ruin the clients trust and respect for you company.

Being vague, having a hard time answering any financial questions in a 3 days delay or ever at all... and sometimes lying is for me, the usual I encounter for a good old Jeff or Kate... or any fake name VIP rep at the casinos I play.

About a week ago, I asked Amanda from vip support at N1 casino for a decent deposit bonus because you know.. 50% bonus with 50× wager on 100$ deposit... 2500$ to wager... on a 96% slot will cost you 100$. It's already hard enough to make an occasionnal decent profit, I won't start to burn 50$ while depositing just for fun.

She denied. I am fine with a no. She then offered 10% cash bonus when I have losses with a 5x wager. I would rather have the zero wager cash back like casinocasino offer with a proper tool that gives you the opportunity not to talk to support and enjoy your time.

Today I lost around 200$ cash. Yes I know.. I had 25% bonus I didnt ask and I canceled it before playing as always. So... 200$ cash ;)

Asked support for my 10%. Offer to show the email. Sorry... have to wait for her to answer by email. 5 hours later...Sorry dear client... you deposited 10k here and cashed out more. You are a lucky player and you should consider yourself happy with what you received in the past... like 10 spins on BSG slots with 50x wager and 75$ max cash out. The good old offer that cost 75$ 1% of the time and keep the gambler busy.

Honestly, why is she telling me about deposits and her favorite color? You are a manager, you offered something so just do it maybe? You can tell me its the.last time and I will respect your decision. But not after a loss. If you can't keep your words, why make me offers in the first place.

The thing that bothers me the most? The luck she is talking about... is a 10k win on ELK jackpot slot which cost them 0$. I obviously made sure to post how awesome N1 was and that they processed my cashout in a couple of minutes. My post is still here with homerbert enjoying the free publicity I might think. I always tell anyone that they can be trusted. I am not an affiliate, I just enjoy giving my opinions to friends and people I know that have less knowledge is this online gaming industry.

I had to ask for your experiences as weel. I have a lot of stories that are 10 times worst.

I wonder how the owners react when they realize a manager is telling bs to a client for cash deposits and good action but then suddenly talks about luck, withdrawals and takes 3 days to respond to an email. This is IMO, dangerous and very bad in the long term for any company to hustle 20$ to someone ready to give 10k without having any remorse.

If we forget about Jan for a second. We all know he is legit, honest and fair. The best VIP rep I have ever had is at ladyhammer. There is obviously more than one person wearing the "Romy" mask but in between them, there was funny, cool and honest lady that cared and that made me feel special. I know it sounds weird but it's true. She waa excellent at doing retention. Sometimes too generous. I never deposited more than 5k there. She would offer me 100$ just for fun with 5x wager and ask about my family, interests and job. Even my friends dont do that. I think she got told to be way less generous and to stop being her because all.of a sudden the mask turned cold with zero offers and their hands tied. He wont accept scissors to untie them either.

I am exactly the type of guy that some of you buy fold with. Just dont lie to me please.

Homerbert : it will be 20$ + 50$ for making me waste my time with something that would have never happened with you or anyone honest or decent math skills.

Say Hi to miss A.G.
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Hey @hhhelllo !

Is this serious complaint about 'my vip manager did not threated me well by my own personal opinion' ?

Homerbert : it will be 20$ + 50$ for making me waste my time with something that would have never happened with you or anyone honest or decent math skills.

And can you clarify what does this mean?


I have checked your account and unfortunately, there is no possibility to offer you any bonus. Not only based on your deposits - withdrawals lifetime value, but also based on how often you received bonuses.

If you feel you were treated bad - I'm sorry for that. But let me assure you that our VIP team working really hard to provide the best possible experience to our customers and also please note I will never allow anyone to attack in public anyone from my team. They simply do not deserve it, because I know how hard they do their job.


When is the exact moment that one person can change is mind about a deal made without telling the other one? I felt like I was given a really simple offer. 10% on loss. I lost 200$ and was told sorry buddy you received too much loyalty from us and you are very lucky.

I feel like you charged back me and feel good it. Ialready told her keep the 20$. I would feel so bad doing that. The reality is... telling someone to give something like 10 dollars back each time he happily gives you 100$ and not doing it after he lost... is lying my friend.

Please just delete this thread and don't ever talk to me again. I guess the deal wasnt satisfying for her but my 3 deposits were fine? keep it
more about not making false promises to a customer,,, but you are right. some can delete the thread and we all go on ;)
No winners here - bad form to keep begging for bonuses from a casino (have some self respect?) and equally bad form to agree to something then go back on your word (if that is what happened?)
Except for not having Raging Rhino my experiences with N1 is nothing but first class.
I think the longest i have have had to wait for a withdraw to hit my bank is about two hours and in this day in age when bonuses are few and far between i actually think they are very generous.

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