N1 SOW issues and non deposit withdrawal


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Sep 26, 2004
Update: seems like they finally managed to watch some PDFs, today i got the message i shall give them my bank acc to refund my balance....

Takeaway: stay away from every casino that does SOW, in fact, stay away from every "regulated" casino as those regulations only favor the casinos and nobody cares about the players at all.

Its totally inacceptable to hold back funds for a whole week if the SOW could have been requested earlier, its also unacceptable to drip feed "needed info" to players as they are waiting for their funds plus keeping the account open during a SOW request if there really is a concern that one might play with "illegal money" shows they just want to stall your funds, i have no clue who is profiting from this behavior but somebody has to... this whole system is rigged and everybody should leave it behind asap.
The trouble with some casinos asking for SOW is they are constantly asking for more like Oliver Twist. If they ask for SOW documents and spell out clearly what is required and are satisfied after the player provides the docs its perfectly ok. I had encountered casinos asking for SOW docs. Many of them were ok with the docs once I provided them but with a couple of others who constantly say they require more I simply left them and closed my accounts.

NB. Casinos should not be requesting SOW docs only when cahouts are requested. They should make these requests as part and parcel of the rification process.


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Jan 20, 2004
Looks like a Rival casino for those who remember them.
Not Rival, SoftSwiss (at least they were the last time I checked).

@Fjudgee , seems you've continued to post here knowing full well that it was a violation of the PAB rules so I'll assume you've decided that you can best manage this issue for yourself. Too bad, we have a respectable channel of communications with N1 and likely could have helped.

- Max
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