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Dec 8, 2022
Hello guys , new member here , found about CM while googling around about problems with N1 casino withdrawals and you seem to have their ear and their close support which turns out to be a great thing for players in distress!

I ve been playing at N1 casino for the last month ,account is verifired , i deposited and i withdrawed smaller amounts in the past wihtout problems . Mid november i asked for a break and i returned back teh 1st of december .
I deposited and i got lucky since i had an almost max win at sugar rush with a 0,4€ bet , and i ask for a 1500E payout . After that i had two really good hits at Muertos Multiplier and Moriarty Megaways at 0.6€ bet . So i asked for another 1500E payout .

They got rejected and they asked me for a selfie holding my ID card , did that and the document was approved. They asked me to request two new withdrawals for the same amounts and they got rejected again.

Then they ask me to change the payout method to bank deposit insted of mastercard . Did that too , still the withdrawals got both rejected . They told me there is a technincal issue in the system that keeps rejecting my withdrawals , although they themselves approve them and that they are working on it.

At the moment i have two pending withdrawls 1500 E each from the 4th and the 5th of Decemeber and keep getting the same response from live chat about an unresolved techinal problem!

My past withdrawals were approved in 1-2 hours and i was quite satisfied wiht N1 casino payout service , yet this time the delay and because of the amount i am concerned!

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Hello @anast-karr and @LadyJelena,
We checked your account and can confirm that our team is aware of the technical issue which occurs once we approve a few payouts. This problem has been around for a few days.
It may take some time till the problem is solved, so we sent you a letter in regard to a provision of bank details. Your cashouts will be transferred manually at our end.
Hello @anast-karr,
The account was deactivated temporarily in order to proceed with a manual cashout. Once it is processed, your account will be reopened.
Your payment is currently in the financial department, the maximum waiting time for a bank transfer can be up to 7 business days.
Thanks @N1 Partners Group for the update , i will post here once i receive the payment in my bank account . Also i assume the withdrawal problem is not solved so i will not be able to have my cashouts approved in the coming days?
@N1 Partners Group are you connected with N1 Bet casino somehow? I have a almost 3 days pending cashout, my accout is verified, I played without the bonus, but it haven't been processed. Support says "it's being checked", and nothing else.
N1 Partners is casino group, which includes DasIst Casino, Joo Casino, N1 Casino, Slot Hunter Casino and N1Bet Casino.
Please send us a private message including your email box. We will check.
I was also really annoyed about N1 Casino today!

After umpteen losses you have a bit of luck again and are put off like that again... :thumbsup:

Briefly about me I also had a document war only 3 months ago
until N1 finally accepted all documents and I was able to pay out the 500!🙆‍♂️

(And I'm not a newbie, I've been playing online games for about 20 years and I know how to send which documents!)

But here you are only put off but ok when everything was accepted after dozens of Skrill deposits
I was finally able to have the 500 paid out via Skrill..

So far so good..

I've made several deposits with Skrill in the last three months and haven't won anything..

Finally got some luck today and won 1500 and paid it out!:thumbsup:

And now?

I thought after all the verification disaster with dozens of documents sent, it should be faster the second time!?

Withdrawal declined!?:cheers:

wrong thought!:mad:

Receive an email asking me to resend my Skrill screenshots and re-verify my Skrill account? ???

After 3 months and a withdrawal as well as 100 deposits
now verify again???🙆‍♂️

Ok repeated screenshots sent!

Rejected again because I paid one Time 25 in with a gift card from the Gas Station
(Paysafe card) 3 months ago..

No I have to send them "ALL" transactions from my paysafecard account !
(Although they probably don't concern you at all):confused:
but the last deposits dozens were all again with Skrill!

But ok, gnashing your teeth, done that and now..?

Now it means in the chat they have to show it to the manmager first...??🤦‍♂️


What's going on here..?

After hundreds of deposits without a bonus and repeated verifications that are suddenly no longer valid after less than 3 months, something is probably not right anymore..!

How soon will my "second" withdrawal also with Skrill finally be approved ..?

I know such things from Caribbean licenses where you should keep your hands off
but the N1 is acredditted here or are they new antics??🤷‍♂️

😑And now I keep getting emails Document is not approved a pure harassment !!!

Can anyone Help here please 🙏
Thank You
You just declined the payout for the THIRD TIME!? 🙆‍♂️

are you kidding me?

I didn't even pay out 3 months ago with a verified Skrill account!?

And all recent deposits were made with Skrill too!
I just got the requested screenshot for the only Paysafecard payment rejected as not needed 3 months ago!?

But you asked me for this in detail an hour ago!?

Although I have always deposited with Skrill for the last 50 times
as the withdrawal should now go through Skrill for the second time...!?

About this Skrill account that was already verified with you three months ago!

there you have just "the today" again requested Skrill screenshots

just rejected again with suddenly not needed? ?


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So the third time rejected🤦‍♂️

The latest Joke is that SKRILL would have rejected my payout!:mad:


I am a VIP at Skrill and use Skrill every day for deposits and withdrawals
why should there be a problem in the first place that Skrill wouldn't have taken the money..? 🤦‍♂️

I haven't experienced anything like that in almost 20 years!

I'm supposed to ask Skrill now, the chat says I'm not getting any more answers!

Also to my question whether you sent this withdrawal to the correct Skrill address with which I have deposited hundreds of times and also once withdrew three months ago

or you used the e-mail address like my account is with you ..

Do I get ur follow the instructions and contact Skrill!??

cheek like that..

Merry Christams Your N1 Casino :puke:
4 times.jpg
And on the N1 Chat they told me again Call Skrill!!!

So this is the Answer from Skrill now

Skrill Kundenbetreuung
Hello Bernhard XXXXXXX

Thank you for contacting the Skrill VIP Team.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

I would like to confirm that your Skrill account is fully active and you should not experiencing any difficulties. I do not see any incoming transactions from this merchant. Could you check again with the merchant's support for more details. If they are unable to assist you, I would kindly ask you to provide me with the transaction details of the payment.

Looking forward for your feedback.

Kind regards,
Skrill VIP Team

So lying about lies while my payout is being canceled for the fourth time
Reason Skrill!?

What is wrong as we see here!:axeman2:🤬
Latest after all the withdrawal denials
and claims I'm supposed to change the 1500 withdrawal to three withdrawals to 500
according to chat! some minutes ago

Have now changed the payout as stated to 3x 500!

I am excited
Are all three now rejected or only one processed with the reason to wait..? :(

3 times.jpg
Of course, the first of the 500 split withdrawals has already been rejected and according to the new chat it will be forwarded again and I should wait like yesterday..

And unfortunately it is still claimed that it is due to Skrill!?
skrill again.jpg
And now the next round after hours of blaming Skrill is now again to blame the verification!

So you just lied to me and Vip Skrill Support for hours now!?

And my already verified account where a Skrill withdrawal has already taken place in October

is suddenly no longer verified

And I'm supposed to send bank details now and suddenly try to pay out by bank transfer!? 🤬 :axeman2:

This casino should be in the warning zone as soon as possible
and no longer here as accreditet 🙆‍♂️

I play now over 20 Years and such horrible things I never now on no one Casino !

Now I'm suddenly supposed to verify my account again and upload bank details and pay out via bank!

I have never used my bank details to deposit at any casino and my account is verified..!

For hours you blame Skrill for all lies!

Your license is revoked with such machinations👎👎👎


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BEWARE of the N1 Casino !

Only planting and delaying tactics

Short story...
after dozens of deposits there (always without bonus)
and at
10/08/2022 at 7:46 p.m
I also made a test withdrawal of 500 via Skrill.;)

Then it started with umpteen times documents rejected ect..:mad:

Until we finally got that far that all documents were accepted and I was able to make my Skrill payout!
That was like I said in October

Now again after many deposits!
I wanted to withdraw 1500 tonight!:cheers:

Hoping since everything has been accepted
and already paid out via Skrill, that the whole thing would probably be processed as soon as possible...!

Did you think :mad:
payment was rejected after about 1 hour?

Thgey suddenly want the same Skrill screenshots that have already been accepted!?
fr the second withdrawal

And all deposits of the last few weeks went through Skrill,
as did this second attempt to pay out again through Skril, which was rejected..?🙆‍♂️

It's all less than 3 months ago🤷‍♂️
that my documents were finally accepted there after eternal refusals!

(I've been playing online for 20 years and I know something like that from dubious Caribbean licenses)

But not from a casino accredited here?

To cut a long story short, all deposits have taken place via my Skrill account
which now has to be checked again after three months..?

And funnily enough, 3 months ago I paid with a Paysafe card (pre paid card) bought from our gas station..!

So now I also had to verify my paysafcard account!?🤦‍♀️
and I "HAVE TO" send theyu a complete PDF with the transactions, none of which concern them!

But to have peace of mind also did that!

although, as I said, all the last deposits (including the payout) were made via Skrill ..!

And now, after an hour of re-sending documents that have already been accepted,

it means the chat is passing it on to the management..!??🤦‍♂️

What please?
All my documents were submitted three months ago and accepted

even after a lot of back and forth..!
Also, all of my dozens of deposits with no bonus have been made with Skrill!
I also paid out with Skrill on October 16th!

And now I have to verify my Skrill account again???
And the chat hasn't done anything despite the documents being sent again, but says it's passed it on to management..?


After umpteen losses you have a bit of luck again and are put off like that again...

It's all just harassment and delaying tactics

one can only say THANK YOU and Merry Christmas N1 Casino👍
My payout has now been rejected 5 times, first because of alleged verification problems!? :puke:

Which is complete nonsense because the account was fully verified
and yes, a withdrawal via skrill actually took place in October!

Then suddenly hours of claims that Skrill had rejected all withdrawals and I should get in touch with Skrill..!🤷‍♂️

No sooner said than done Skrill VIP management has confirmed that there are no problems or that a payment has been declined..!

Then I was told in the chat I should split the Skrill Withdrawals into three 500!
ok i also do this..!

No sooner said than done, one has already been rejected ..!

and now suddenly it's no longer Skrill's fault but back to verification ???:axeman2:🤦‍♂️

and I should suddenly pay out via bank and send documents again..?👎


I've been playing online for so long now and have already paid enough empty money but this is a bottomless mess!


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@Barny1100 , I see you had started a new thread to post basically the same thing as you had already posted here. Please don't. The new thread has been merged into this one. If you have a new topic to discuss then of course feel free to start a new thread but starting one to simply repeat what you've already posted elsewhere is uncool.

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The payment provider could be a middle-man they use to perform withdrawals and not Skrill itself.
Yes, only after hours of claiming that Skrill was to blame and Skrill didn't find any errors either..

Is now suddenly no longer Skrill but my verification again to blame!?

Although I had already verified this online with there Hooqu service and yes everything was accepted..!?

As already mentioned, a positive payout was verified in October and took place with Skrill

And I have now performed the Hooqu service again
and againi verified the verified account with passport again..?

Can't wait to see what the next reason is. 🤷‍♂️
N1 Casino is an Accredited Casino at Casinomeister
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