N1 Casino rant and its CM Ratings


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Jan 20, 2004
FWIW I mostly agree with @paul7388 on this, it would be best for the casino to inquire about the self-exclusion, asking whether it's about gambling problems or not. The best casinos do this, IMO showing genuine concern for the player VS chasing deposit money. I fully admit that it's not that common.
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Aug 29, 2012
Kind of strange, as closing an account 'normally' is pretty much impossible in this industry (I wonder why?....) and so the only other option is to self-exclude. Which, as it turns out, instantly categorizes the player as a problem gambler by default, tied up in a nice little bow.

Given that this meagre duo of half-closing one's account and SEing being the only options available, casinos would instantly attribute self-exclusion as problem gambling, so offering up a farewell chip isn't what I'd call aiding that player's cause to cease their harmful activities.

You can't even call it well-intentioned, because they of all people are the first to slap 'problem gambler' on anyone wishing to make a clean break.

It's a farewell gift to keep the brand in that player's good books as it were, not a lot else :cool:

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Apr 16, 2021
Thank you all for sharing your thought on this topic. We really appreciate it.

You are absolutely right on the point that the closure reason should be clarified in order not to miss the request related to the gambling problems.
We concern about our players and always inquire about the reason a player decided to close an account if he/she says nothing about it but comes up just with the request for closure or simply mentions “self-exclusion” without any other notes.

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