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Apr 16, 2021
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Jun 30, 1998
Is anything been decided yet for all the other casinos who don't have reps (Bet365 for example) or the ones who don't bother logging in for months? Like the Novibet rep, have sent them 2 pm's, the first being 22nd March and had no reply, but plenty of others missing too. BTG ran a comp that finished on the 1st April, hasn't been seen since the 23rd March as another.
Just a heads up, one thing I am working on is the Accredited Section and revising the standards. Just so you know. Casinos that do not have reps logging on here on a regular basis will be disqualified from being Accredited.


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Jan 29, 2021
This casino is obviously paying "reviewers" to place "paid" reviews here. If you read the reviews, they where done very sloppy. Esp aiming with keywords like "Foreign people from other country's" or "easy bonus money" everything to target gamblers.

When i published a legitimate review on Askgamblers it got removed. When i filed including evidence of what actually happend they never responded. In my opinion askgamblers lost it's legitimacy as a casino review website and you really should take all that shit with a great grain of salt. Just look at the avg time schedule of posting these reviews. It's bullshit.


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Dec 27, 2013
Yes, I saw many obviously paid reviews at askgamblers (Not sure but I think it was about Slotty Vegas).
I chatted with the support about it and they told me to send them email with details.
Never got an answer...


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May 31, 2015
It might not be the end of the world to do that. At least this is what n1 casino management thinks. Once again it shows the same usual behavior. An honest demonstration of how dumb they think every single of their clients are. Who in their right mind does that and think that everyone will be convinced or fooled. They wouldnt even need to do that in the first place.

I recently registered at n1 casino Here is an incredibly accurate description of providers, liscense and payment methods for the next 50 lines with the same grammar mistakes than the last overly accurate review.
Here is one negative comment about something stupid that nobody will ever be bothered with. I don’t like the blue color used as background on the main page. Blablabla fake as fck

I will give you MY real honest opinion about n1 and why I am terribly sorry for them since a long time. they use to be ten times more wise than what they became after couple years... matbe it covid’s fault... I dont really know.
Remember the CP you were accumulating at n1 when they opened? They were very very generous. At least 10 times better than any softswiss casino. When you converted the points in CAD$ it was even better. A little bit more than a year ago they made told me their vip/reward system would be back in a week when I realized it was on “pause”. Then 2 weeks. Then a month. Then 3 months. Then their vip manager asked me if I would be willing to share my opinion on their new vip scheme. In exchange for 50$ bonus x5.... At this point I realized it wasnt coming back. At least not for another couple of months. I shared my thoughts to the manager about their suppose new rewars model. It is the same vip scheme with a different wording and 20% cheaper. And what will happen to the 200$ woth of CP I accumulated all this time while being told that I could convert them eventually? Be patient and tell me if you like the new background color dear friend. Kindly wait.
Obviously I was never allowed to convert them. Another 8 months later : the vip scheme is back. Completely different. Main concern at this point is 94% versions of games when available. Who cares about 10 euros bonus when you need to wager 10k to get it anyway. I always wondered how much money a casino would save in an entire year doing exactly that. 90% of their clients clearly didnt realize it. The ones that were pissed like me received a generous 50$ when unexpected. I have to admit that its probably the most brilliant way a casino changed their vip scheme for absolutely nothing or almost while not affecting their buisness too much. Pretty far from the pathetic attempt to fool people with fake reviews on askgamblers.
Why all these comments? Because short term oriented financial decisions are very bad for a casino and it killed my fun there. N1 was my casino of choice before this. From there everything became worst until it reached a point that trust was broken permanently way too many times. But even if it ended in a sad way... Still have some good memories.

One of my best casino experience at... yesss N1 : Small cash deposit on a rainy afternoon at n1. Opened the game joker gems from ELK and after a couple spins... 10 000$ :) Went crazy in my appartment. I was laughing and couldnt believe it. First 6k approved in a minute. I was pissed about their technical problem with their system not letting me cashout the other 4k. Alex (the best agent ever all casinos included for many reasons) said he was sorry but it was auto denied. He would approve my request tommorow in a minute once its done. Meanwhile I sent pm to homerbert to cry about it. He told me to chill out and put a daily lost limit. I did. 300$. Thx for that but at this exact moment I was way too happy to think normally.
24 hours later. 4k cashout minus the 300$ lost 😇 , insta approved again
No lies. No bs. High rtp games. Good agents. Good rep. Fast payments. Who the hell decided that this model was incorrect?


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Jan 29, 2021
Usually a casino is being build up based upon brand. This brand gets very populair among people and players. At some point the whole casino gets an offer they cant refuse, it's being sold to another party, and the other party pretty much nukes all the effort and reputation the casino had in favor of making that initial investment back as soon as possible.

They give a rats ass about moaning players; theyll find new suckers on daily basis because it's a recommend casino on place A and place B, so it must be good right?! I usually read through these fake review lines (learn selective reading) and in particular focus on the complaints. When there are any bad signs i dont even bother to signup.

I mean when upon signup they dont bother to verify any of the documents its a red flag for me already. They stall it the moment you want to hit payout. And ive seen nummerous times by now that stalling is another tactic because players might spunk it away.