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Jan 28, 2004
West Virginia
Hi, I'm a new forum member and have only gambled online since late December '03. Therefore, I have my choice of bonuses out there to chase and the temptation to 'bonus abuse' is great.

Fortunately for the 6 or so casinos that I've registered at I haven't been much of a burden since I've lost every cent wagered. At least some good has come of it in that I've found a couple of casinos that I really like (based on their immediate email turnarounds and what on the surface appears to be professional and courteous service). A second reward for my new found cashlessness is that it has afforded me a lot more time to become familiar with the gambling forums and sites such as casinomeister. From that, I do feel like a better educated consumer (or chump??).

As a n00b who is now on a mission to earn my first payout (and at this point I don't care how small, I just want to experience it for once), all of these complaints in the online forums really spooks me. It seems that it doesn't matter if the winning is $50,000 or $100 bucks the casinos will do whatever it takes to prove a customer a fraud just to get out of paying. Am I overreacting to these messages? For years I was afraid of Ebay because of the horror stories about getting ripped off on auctions, yet once I started buying I've found every seller to go above and beyond the call of duty. Same with Paypal... 50 million grim stories posted all over the internet yet they've given me steller service.

I guess what I'm asking is... is it that bad out there? Where's a really good casino that doesn't get rattled over a handful of mediocre payouts. So far, I like Captain Cook's (at least for their fast email responses). The other day I received an unsolicited email from Captain Cook's sister site Casino Kingdom with a similar attractive sign up bonus. I can't help but assume that Captain Cook's parent company sent me that email, and based on the good things I hear about Captain Cook's, I'm tempted to take them up on the offer. But in the forum messages about accounts being locked and winnings denied, casinos often yell Bonus Abuse! and using too many bonuses at affiliated sites... Granted, I haven't seen that type of statement about Captain Cooks but its still a confusing message that the gaming industry is sending me as a new player.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long ramblings. I have been wanting to ask those questions for a couple of weeks.


At reputable casinos (like Captain Cooks) winning with a bonus is not a question --- unless you abuse the bonus (eg, open multipple accounts to get the same bonus, charge back losses, not follow the terms and conditions). Reputable casinos don't consider winning on the bonus bonus abuse, they see it as a cost of business. So, play at CC or its sister casino, you'll be fine. If you find any other casinos, make sure to research on here and on WinnerOnline.com's forums first.


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