New Slot Announcement Mysterious Gems by Genesis Gaming


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I find it perturbing whenever I see games run in debug mode, triggering the bonus willy nilly. Makes me wonder about some of my real play sessions, whilst stocking up on the ol' silvery crinkly stuff :eek::eek:

One thing this game has right - apart from the good RTP & value for money aspect - is how it gets the pacing right. I know most games can be sped up but a decent default spin tempo makes quite a difference I tell you :thumbsup:

Also good to see a theme that doesn't have to have little cartoon wizards and the like, whilst still maintaining jovial vibe that actual adults can also enjoy! *cough* PNG *cough*


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I will derinatly play this

This game has got real potential I enjoy playing minimum spin amount as I play for amusement.
Looking forward to its release :D