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Mar 10, 2005
Has anyone ever heard of this? It seems to be a division of Netspend - it even has their logo on the bottom of the page:

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They use MetaBank, but I'm not sure if they'd have the same success rate for depositing as NS or not...

And their site really sucks. They don't list their fees, T&C or anything.
Just took a look at the site. Looks like a half done Netspend site.

I would assume that since it is a Netspend clone that the success rate would be on par with the regular Netspend card.

What I found strange is why they are pushing overdraft protection. It's a prepaid card, unless there are hinky things going on, double charges etc, you can't overdraw it. Even when the casinos were double dipping me, Netspend never charged an overdraft fee. :rolleyes:
Yea, I'm not sure what's up with that,'s definitely legit, friend down in FL told me about it....they have those cards at his local check cashing store.
I'm glad this was brought up.

I went to reload my NS card the other day and the girl at the CC place asked me if I had one. I told her no, and she told me that I should get one because something having to do with NS changing banks in the near future.
Long story short I got one, and when I called to activate it the woman on the line told me that it was the first she had heard about the bank thing.
IDK, no harm done, I just have 2 cards now. But I was wondering if anyone else had more info?


Edit to add mine is a myskylight card
i havent heard anything about ns in the future using another bank or such. but if someone else here knows more please let us all know.

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