MyCharity Casino ????


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Oct 13, 2014
n ireland
Sorry but i'm a bit sceptical of this one!!:eek::eek::eek::eek:

We are a different casino, all profit raised by the casino is donated to UK charities. Please take five minutes and try our site with the

free £5.00 no deposit bonus.


If you would like to support a specific charity or would like to nominate a charity of the month, then please just get in touch.

We will also give you a 100% first deposit bonus, plus cashback days and many other promotions.
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Mar 21, 2012
The trouble is with this mate theses so called charity's are not so charitable, Only a certain % has to be allocated to charity,

With that in mind look at all the perks they will get for registering as a charity, Such as tax and all that, You see theses charity shops are most likely volunteers, You go to the top and see then driving luxary cars and live in penthouse,

There was a program some time back I had seen and less than £1 out of £10 went to actual charity :eek:

Someone done a thread the other day about a casino in this group so I took a look than, They have a site called national-lottery*com It has nothing to do with the U.K national lottery in the U.K, They also have a site called m88 very simeler name to a site called 888,

Here is a line for thought (2014)

All have their own executives, administrators, fundraisers, communications experts and offices, but few will admit they are doing exactly the same thing as other charities. Take the case of Ethiopia. Two decades ago there were 70 international charities operating there, today the figure is close to 5,000.
A 2013 parliamentary inquiry into the charity sector found there were so many charities that the Charity Commission for England and Wales was struggling to ensure that most registered charities were genuine, rather than tax avoidance schemes or political campaigning groups.



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Oct 22, 2013
The casino referenced in the OPs original email is not a UK charity as far as I can tell. All I could find reference to was progress play. If it were a UK charity then if they had revenues in excess of 20K then their audited accounts would be posted on the UK charity commission website which shows everything from what the too dogs earn, staff costs, overheads, whether the trustees are remunerated for their time etc etc.

But *if* they were a charity running a casino to generate money for good cause' there an ethical question to be asked about that? I think there is.


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Apr 3, 2015
Just checked my spam folder and yep, there was an e-mail from Wendy <> about the free fiver, etc etc.

As mentioned, it is operated by Progress Play and the licence number quoted is also used for many other casinos. I have also checked the Charity Commission website and no sign of them being registered as a charity. If surely a charity, I am pretty sure the Government would be seriously upset if they tried claiming Gift Aid on all the lost deposits!!! I reckon only about 1% of overall profits would be gifted to a charity.

Perhaps they are appealing to the players better side, after all, not as though there would be a big guilt trip about withdrawing a huge win from a charity destined to help little, ill Timmy!


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Feb 10, 2012
The website looks very homemade and I am not really feeling the charity aspect of it if I am honest.

They are a progress play skin, so there well be a fair chunk of the casino profits going straight to a non-charitable organization. Much more so than if they were a standalone operator.

Lastly, there is very little details about who is behind it. All terms and privacy policy details are the usual copy and paste from progress play. Not overly inspiring if you are supposedly trusting this casino to be redistributing your losses to a pletherer of charities. As far as I am aware, the minute you use charity in your domain name, then you need to have an official charity number, which I very much doubt progress play has.


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Dec 2, 2001
It is run by progressplay limited, which has more then 20 casinos in its portfolio, i think its pretty trustworthy, but keep in mind that they have a 5% max bet if you use a bonus. I don't however think much of the charity factor , so if you are looking for some kind of charity to donate funds, i think there are much better options then playing at a casino who supposedly donates the profits to charities.