Mybet My experience


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Aug 13, 2010
First I want to admit that I never read the terms of the welcome bonus and yes I should have read them.

I need to have rant.

On Friday 19th Apr I decide to join Mybet as I was looking for Aristcrat slots and they were available along with Paypal as a deposit method.
I deposited 30 eur and was expecting the 100% bonus offer to be credited only to find to my annoyance it was a Pre-wager 30xbonus.

So I played slots at the casino and never betting higher than 0.50.In the space of 1 hour I had deposited and lost 210 eur. I gave it one more 50 eur deposit into my casino wallet and again I was getting hammered and decided I would give the Net-ent slots a go in the games section I tried to transfer my balance to the main account and was told that my welcome bonus would become void if I transferred,I cant fathom out the reasoning for this?

Needless to say my last deposit vanished. In all I had lost 260 eur and knew that I had not wagered anywhere near the 900 eur required.Its not the first time Ive had a bad run, so I accepted it and moved on.

On Saturday 27th Apr I had a bit of extra funds in my Paypal account.I deposited 25 straight into the games wallet with the intention of playing some Net-ent slots and most annoyingly every time I opened a slot I got a timeout error after loading so all were unplayable.

I transferred my cash into the casino wallet, low rolled and eventually lost.I then checked my account to see the status of my bonus but found it doesn't tell you much has been wagered or remains to be wagered.I looked for the Live chat but none was available so I used there message service where they respond to you "as soon as possible" I asked about my remaining wagering for the bonus and reported that the Net-ent slots were gubbed.

Monday afternoon I got a reply.They told me that there is no problem with the Net-ent slots and I should clear my computer cookies cache etc,the usual its not us its you reply from a casino.Then they told me my welcome bonus has now expired because it had now been 10 days and I had to wager in that time frame.

So to sum up-Time limited pre-wager bonuses,no way of tracking the wagering of the bonuses without CS,slow CS at the weekend and a crazy rule that you cant transfer your own money between wallets or you lose any bonus you have claimed but not received.

My first experience.....horrible!
The lesson of today's class.....always read all the terms and conditions!