My younger brother and his wife turned up (half tiddly) and on their way


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to an night club and wanted to drag me along with them:eek2: And I said 'No' Not because of lack of babysitters, (my teens are old enough to watch my youngest) or because I had work or because of my lack of finances (which at present are pretty low) but simply because I just didn't want to.:confused:

My sibblings knew I was broke and were quite happy to shout me out, I honestly just didnt want to. I think its because of my advanced age (crikeys Im nearly 40) and clubbing and partying and whatnot just doesnt do it for me.

In fact, I think the last time I went out clubbing, was at my sis in laws hen party and that was a matter of having to, and it was expected, it really wasn't something I wanted to do.

In fact, I had just found a new casino I wanted to try out and that seemed more exciting then bouncing out...:p

Crikeys is that sad or what?:lolup: you should hear my younger siblings, you need to get a life, tear yourself away from the computer, come out with us.. blah blah:oops:

brothers hospital.jpg

My brothers ( I only have brothers, mores the bummer - would of loved a sister) They're all 'years' younger than me, so they dont really get my life style but oh well...

so bored, I should of gone out with them! lol