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My thoughts of the day ( I should probably blog this and would if I knew how..lol)

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by Realitybitez, Jan 26, 2012.

    Jan 26, 2012
  1. Realitybitez

    Realitybitez Experienced Member

    Cati Interviewer
    New Zealand
    My brother and his wife turn up with a ton of alcohol and whatnot and because Im not working 2nite or 2morrow I think, what the hell I'll have a little drink...

    Anyhow.. it all goes well, we are all getting on well - being abit drunk and heaps happy, I vanish for 5 mintues to make sure the rest of my family are ok ( on Facebook - ok, we are internet freaks) and come back and the bro and his wife are fighting

    Over nothing of course, just drunken stuff - past mistakes, present and future come up:rolleyes:

    I have always had this theory for years in fact. That couples can NOT get on drinking together. Great together any other time, but out in public and get drunk as skunks, they are going to end up scrapping.

    Is this just my experience? Or does this happen with most couples? They can go out and socialize together but too get totally carried away and drunken off their heads, they're gonna end up scrappin. Is that the norm?

    My thought of the day :)

    And yes, I havent been in a relationship for years.. lol! So I cant really judge or know what the stories is with couples :)

    I want a diary, just to lay my thoughts of the moment on --- I really wish I knew how one Blogs.. lol
  2. Jan 26, 2012
  3. immortality

    immortality Senior Member

    On a seat
    Usually it is normal...when too much alcohol is involved lol, especially if one cannot handle it ;)

    Alcohol can make you blurt out what you've kept bottled up inside, dutch courage :rolleyes:
  4. Jan 26, 2012
  5. harrys99

    harrys99 Dormant account

    Bar Business/Office Management
    Wherever I Want
    Ha ha-we call it liquid courage. Either you end up fighting or end up in the bedroom with no inhibitions lol....

    I think you will get blog permissions once you become a full member:)
  6. Jan 26, 2012
  7. Realitybitez

    Realitybitez Experienced Member

    Cati Interviewer
    New Zealand
    I somehow doubt it, I tend to say exactly what I think, drunk or sober:oops:

    My thoughts of the day ( I should probably blog this and would if I knew how..lol): drunk tounge.jpg,Jan 26, 2012
  8. Jan 26, 2012
  9. ksech

    ksech Dormant account

    Some of my observance from working with people who consume too much alcohol (I work in a 24 hr restaurant):
    1) They become deaf when they have consumed too much alcohol, this becomes apparent because they need to shout to the person(s) sitting at the same table as them for fear that person(s) can't hear what they are saying.

    2) Even the smallest person who has imbibed too much alcohol thinks they can conquer King Kong.

    3) Drunk females are much worse than drunk males, language is absolutely HORRIBLE! (One of these days I'm gonna squirt dishdetergent in someones mouth :rolleyes:)

    4) You can't stand up and you seriously think I'm gonna let you leave here and drive home? You have two choices...A) I call you a cab or B) you're not gonna like my second choice. And yes I am a bitch (Thank you very much:D)

    5) Ahhh, please, I really am not interested (and I'm pretty sure (well maybe) everyone else who is trying to eat) in seeing your butt/breasts. I'm sure my boss is gonna love the show when he reviews the survallience disks in the morning. Smile, you're on Candid Camera!!!

    One of my most memorable drunk couples fight...girl picks up plate of eggs, smashes plate into husbands face, calls him names I've NEVER heard before, proceeds to pour his (thank GOD it wasn't hot) coffee into his lap, then takes HER plate of pancakes and hurls it at the guy that's with them. At this point I tell the cook to call the police. She stomps off to the bathroom to wash her hands. Her husbands sitting in the booth dripping food with this dumbfounded expression on his face. And the other guy is swearing worse than ANY truckdriver I've ever heard.

    Police arrive. Take their IDs. Asked each one who drove here, since none of them have valid drivers licenses. Dead silence. Police: "You carried the vehicle here right?" Drunks: "Ah, Yeah! We carried it! Yeah,yeah we did our laundry then carried the car here cause we were hungry." Police: "So, how are you going to get home?" Drunks: "Ah, we're gonna carry the car home officers!"

    Well, they weren't too smart. Police escorted them outside after they cleaned up their mess and paid their check. Police left, went across the road and sat watching them. The drunks sat a few minutes having a cigarette then proceeded to pile into the car and leave. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination...
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  10. Jan 26, 2012
  11. Realitybitez

    Realitybitez Experienced Member

    Cati Interviewer
    New Zealand

    :lolsign:Classic!:thumbsup: Denial all the way. I wasnt driving, wasnt me.. hehehe

    But I have to agree though on the other side. Females can be and are probably the most aggressive well verbally, I know for a fact I am. Get a few too many in me and watch out, foulest mouth in the world:lolup:

    But in my life experience which is considerable, well I think it si:cool: hehee Couples are seriously no good drinking with each other. Fine, when they have a drink with mates, family who ever without the partner but put them together and hello! They go wonky!:rolleyes:

    Of course thats just from my life experience. Everyone has different life experiences and styles and could of lived the rich life and the dream which is probably TOTALLY hehehe different from mine, so I guess it all depends on ones perspective
  12. Jan 26, 2012
  13. mattsgame

    mattsgame Ueber Meister CAG webmeister

    Out Of Town
    So true, and I have seen it so many times before.

    And if you want to write a blog, Click HERE and just above your profile pic on the right hand side you will see "Create Post" click this and write away :D

    Just for anyone else that wants to write a blog, type in www .casinomeister.com/forums/blogs/YOUR USERNAME/ in your browser or go to your own profile and click "View Blog Entries"

    Hope it helps :)
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  14. Jan 26, 2012
  15. Antonia1953

    Antonia1953 Senior Member

    Forensic Accountant (Private)
    The Sonora
    I lost my husband in 1981, but we were great drinking buddies and never fought. In a group setting, we were usually the peacemakers, which was a dangerous position at times. I ended up with a broke hand on one occasion. The couple had been bickering all night and were just staying clear of eachother. I was talking to the male, when out the corner of my eye, I seen the female snatch up a large, marble ashtray and start charging across the room in our direction. Not thinking clearly, I put my hand on the back of the guy's head.

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