My theory as to why payments are being stalled!


Jun 8, 2003
I posted this in another thread, but I want to hear if anyone feels the same as I do about why payments to U.S. players are being stalled for as long as possible.

(From another thread)

How sad to see the industry imploding in on itself. No pays, put-offs, and rubber checks by some of the formerly respected folks in the industry. Why play in these times of such uncertainty if you are from the U.S.? If all of this doesn't prove to you that American players are equal to scum in their eyes, then surely you don't want to face reality. I think that the casinos feel that the time is short before the doors close completely for transferring funds back and forth to and from the U.S., so the longer they withhold payments, then the better their chances are to skip payments when the avenues of money transfer come to a halt. After this happens, then of course they'll blame the U.S. government for preventing them from getting the winnings out to the players in the U.S. Think about it


Dormant account
Mar 31, 2007
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out:eek2: I stopped depositing the minute I started having problems. Now I just check everyday with the different casinos to see what the "story of the day is" as to why my withdrawal is either still pending or "on it's way". I have money in a couple of different groups so I'm waiting to see. Fortunately I managed to get some money out a couple of weeks ago so right now I'm even with deposits...the rest will be a surprise, if and when I ever do receive it!!:D