My strange experience at Ruby Fortune casino-opinions please


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Jan 6, 2004
I had a strange experience at Ruby Fortune casino.
Although the probem has been resolved, I'd like to hear opinions from experienced players about this issue.
Please note that I don't intend to blame Ruby Fortune, I just want to know if I am right or wrong.

On Oct. 29th, I deposited $5,000 to Ruby Fortune by NETeller and played Vagas Strip BJ "without bonus".
Unfortunately, my balance decreased to $3,050 and I decided to withdraw all.
Then I accidentally I deposited another $3,050 by NETeller because I was drunken at that time.LOL
Next, I cashed-in $6,100 before I went to bed.

On the next day, I received a promotional e-mail from them regarding 50% Halloween bonus.
I deposited $300 and got $150 bonus, then I lost all betting $450 on BJ.

A few days later, I found my $6,100 was reversed to my account.
I asked the CS the reason and they replied me this.

Kindly note that your withdrawals reflected shortly after you had received the 50% Halloween bonus on 30/10/2004.
In order to receive your withdrawals, you would need to meet the wagering requirements for this promotion which is your deposit amount ( $300 ) and your bonus amount ( $150 ) wagered at least 8 times = $4500.

I was sure that I had requested the withdrawal before I received the bonus.
Also, I thought it was unfair that they imposed wager requirement on my prior "no-bonus deposit".
I explained them what I had done, but they only replied me like this.

Kindly note that when you 'claimed' the bonus, you accepted the terms and
conditions of the bonus that stated 'You must wager the deposit, $300.00,
and the bonus amount, $150.00, at least 10 times before you can make a
withdrawal'. Please be advised that it was you choice to claim the bonus and
our casino only offered you the bonus.

I got furious and sent them several e-mails containing some insulting words.LOL
Then they paid me the $6,100 and the problem was resolved.
But, I didn't understand what they had done, so I asked them to quote sentences from the T&C that states legitimacy of their act.
Then they replied me

Following our previous correspondence to you regarding the issue of the
terms and conditions of the above promotion (50% Match Halloween). Please
note that the terms and conditions of our promotions applies to any
withdrawal made at the casino. If you refer to the promotional terms and
conditions point number 8, clearly states that "Any withdrawals made prior
the 50% Halloween Bonus being claimed or credited to your account will
render the bonus null and void. You will therefore not receive the bonus"
Kindly refer to the following website for full terms and conditions

For future it would be better that you study the terms and conditions well
before attempting to claim the bonus.

As you can see, English is not my mother tongue.
Maybe I do not unerstand clearly what is written in their T&C.
But does the sentence they quoted explain why they imposed wager requirement on my prior "no-bonus deposit" ?
If what they did was ligitimate, I will have to stop playing at this casino.
Can anyone give me opinions ?
Please tell me if I am wrong.
Hi Yoshi!

First of all, your English is pretty damn fluent :)

Secondly, stay away from your Neteller account when drunk!

Thirdly - you are entirely right if the sequence of events is as you described, because:

1. The Halloween offer came the NEXT day.
2. Your withdrawal was made the day prior, even if perhaps it was processed the next day.

I strongly advise you to go to your Playcheck and obtain a copy of all the financial transactions that you made in the past 7 days - and do it quickly before it's too late. This will provide you more information that you can use in case someone requires further explanation or clarification.
ruby fortune is really a great casino. I have had some big cashouts with no problems and paid overnight.

as far as the bonus goes, it would seem you are right. The bonus cannot apply "retroactively" to your prior withdrawals. I would call them up and explain this to them very clearly. Tell them very clearly that you asked for two withdrawals prior to the bonus offer, and you lost both your deposit and bonus on that offer. Hence, it would stand to reason the bonus offer would not apply to any withdrawals made prior.
And when I say they are a great casino, I really mean it. Twice they allowed me to bypass the 24hr pending and It was processed the very next day. Simply great casino.
Thank you

Thank you for prompt replies.
Here is the screenshot of my playcheck.
My balance on Oct.29th shows $3,050, and my balance on Oct.30th shows $450 and then $0.

I had never had problems with this casino, and it has been one of my most favorite casinos.
I don't think they have gone rogue, but I wanted them to admit their mistake instead of writing me "For future it would be better that you study the terms and conditions well before attempting to claim the bonus."
I think they will continue to have good reputation, but I'm not sure I 'll play there again because they can easily know who I am.
Anyway, they are usually nice and this trouble was a rare exception.

Here is the screenshot of the cashcheck.
As you can see, I deposited $5,000 and $3,050 on Oct.29th.
Although there appears that my $6,100 of cash-in was "processed" on Nov. 1st, it was reversed to my casino account.
This just in from the casino:

The problem occurred as a result of a error on the part of the payments system. What happened was that the user claimed the promotion bonus whilst the money he had withdrawn the previous night was still in a pending state and therefore the system did not realise that he had cashed out the money before claiming the promotion. The situation has since been resolved as we allowed the withdrawl to go through. Please offer our apologies.

As most everyone has chimed in, this is an exellent casino - sorry for the hassle.

And Beer (or Saki) and Neteller don't mix!

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