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Nifty29 said:
Bringing a VERY recently deceased person into this UNRELATED argument is DISGUSTING....absolutely DISGUSTING. Even MORE so when you consider his funeral was only a few days ago. Nobody is discussing him here and it wasn't him who is whining about 3Dice at every opportunity.

The FEW PM's I sent to you were just that - PRIVATE. I'm entitled to say whatever I like, and you are entitled to PM me in reply and say "I have no interest in this".....which of course you didn't. I would say everyone has discussed SOMEONE at least once via PM here, at least how have been around a little while, so making it all about "hearsay" and "gossip" is just diverting attention away from the real issue. It's even worse considering that the information I have IS fact and was NOT provided by PM anyway.

It just shows what kind of person you really are skiny to use Roy to score a point. We had many heated discussions via PM, and I can safely say there is nothing I discussed with you that I didn't face HIM with at some point. I can sleep very soundly.

It's fairly obvious from your replies that I hit a raw nerve, most likely because you and I know what's what about it all, and you don't like it. Fair enough. However, using Roy/Seventh777 to "hit back" shows what lengths you will go to when avoiding admission of fault.

I hope everyone else is as disgusted as I am. NO decent person would even CONSIDER saying something like you did.
You think this is about scoring points? I've never said anything about anyone in private that I haven't said TO them in public. And it's not an unrelated since you're the one who keeps saying what you know from your so called sources. You're not an investigator or a reporter. You're a forum member who spreads gossip. Don't even try to pull this "I told you things in private" since you're the one spreading information you got from your "sources" at every opportunity.

The very second people start saying what they "Know" about other members that didn't come from a public thread it is no longer a debate or conversation. You don't have nearly as many "facts" as you think you do. I could write a book about the stuff that people have sent me in private but I have never repeated a word of it because I don't believe things just because someone sends it to me in a private message. I didn't even repeat what you sent because I have no desire to spread rumours about people when I have no way of knowing whether or not they're true. I wouldn't even have mentioned that you sent it if you wouldn't come around saying you know things about people "for a fact."

The response I gave to you in private about Roy was basically the same thing I said TO him in public in a post that he himself thanked. People can be disgusted if they like but I'm quite comfortable talking about Roy because I respected him as a forum member and still do. And I've never disrepsected him in public or in private. And I didn't "Use the recently deceased." Roy just happens to be the person you sent me the message about.

Now close this thread to or delete it all together but I don't like people bashing me and not being allowed to respond.


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Hi Skiny,

You need to give this a rest. You should have responded to whoever needs to read this as a PM. We don't need these personal to-and-fros in the forum. There was a reason the other thread was closed. Thank you for your understanding.
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