My online slots videos (plus UK AWPs)

Shitburst, like Gonzo, and probably bonanza too, may as well just write "trust me bro" on their game information page.
Disgusting! ;)
I see the phrase "few hundred thousand spins" and I think back to the Starburst challenge... never did see that full screen in the end?

I checked on this last night, I did 310,000 spins and it didn't top 340x.
So it seems you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Here I get my head around what is considered to be one of the trickier (if not the trickiest!) true skill features ever created for a UK compensated fruit machine. (I had some very good tuition from a chap over at Desert Island Fruits, I wouldn't have worked this out myself in a million years.)

Neither online slots or fruit machine emulation, but my other big recreational love is videogames, and I have a massive soft spot for retrogaming.

Here I cover the Taito arcade classic 'Chase HQ', which, if I do say so myself - (and I do) - I'm quite good at.

Played here using the MAME emulator, with controls courtesy of a wireless XBox 360 controller (still the best controller ever made).


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