My Online Slot's Journey...


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Started playing last year when I noticed a link to the "Bruce Lee" slot (one of my fave film stars)...joined the site loaded up and off I went, within 1/2 hour I hit 1000 x my stake (think it was £600+) that was it I was hooked!

Since then nothing but losses on various sites, but this last two months have been abs terrible on Video Slots, yes its a great site with all the main slots and more plus the cashback etc, but I win on one slot, go to another then it just drains it and more...every single time.

Is the best way to concentrate on one high variance slot like Dead Or Alive, I know it will take many spins, but if you stick to this slot all the time is the 3000x win going to come at some point?


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Sure, the 3000x win will come at some point, just expect to have pulled all your hair out and be clinically depressed first. There are many DOA fanboys around here but I've always found that those mega wins are basically just paid back for months of pouring money into this slot, making it seem like a big win.

I know too well about games building up your balance and then hitting a brick wall no matter which slot you play. This is very common unfortunately. You'll find sometimes that these good runs can go on for quite a bit so it's best to enjoy them when they pop up.

I'd personally just have selection of favourites you could alternate between and knowing how they generally behave. Familiarity is the key.....just playing DOA is terminally boring but to this day world leaders still haven't figured out how this game ticks. In a nutshell you will lose a hell of a lot more than you win but big wins are certainly possible on it. Even I got the fabled 5 scatters on it!


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Thanks for your reply, yeah best pick a few faves rather than loads of different ones and watch the account drain away...