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May 7, 2004
First up, a big hello to everyone here at the CM forum. As you will see from my join date (2004) I am a long time reader/recent poster. Some of you may know me from WOL, I recognize many of your handles here.

Now, there has been some talk about the way I post, where I post etc. I mentioned in a different thread that very early on I asked Simmo if what I was doing is ok. There have been questions raised since that Mod's blessing by some members here. Bryan contacted me and made a great suggestion that I think will serve everyone very well. I will continue to post but will supply much more of the original article. Hope this is to everyone's liking and that you continue to enjoy and profit from the information I bring to you.

all the best!

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Sorry for making a stink about it. I did not know you had permission and it is obviously their forum. If they stated you could do it then I was out of place to call you out. Obviously others enjoy your postings and that is what matters. I also did not realize there were no commercial banners on your site.

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