My MG casinos - Are they locked or not?


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Sep 26, 2004
For those who play at MG-only casinos I have a question for you. Other than the casinos themselves can anyone else lock your accounts?

The story unfolds as follows: 2 weeks ago I played at an MG casino that is part of a reputable group. I requested withdrawals but reversed them from time to time though at no time did the withdrawal amount dip to less than $300. From Monday through Thursday no withdrawals were processed which was not at all normal because the processing time for the whole group of casinos was 24 hours. I had started requesting the withdrawal on Monday and posed a question to the support staff on Thursday and asked why my w/d had not been processed. In the meantime, I went back to the casino, reversed and lost everything. That, however, is not the point I want to make. I had asked a legitimate question on why the w/d was not processed within the normal processing time. Support ducked the issue by asking me irrelevant questions. After 2 or so e-mails my accounts at the whole group were locked. They also refused to answer my question by stating that since I had lost my whole balance they do not have to answer my original question.

I kept asking as I felt I was entitled to an answer. I also asked why they decided to lock all my accounts. At first they did not reply on why my accounts were locked but finally they wrote back stating my accounts were still open. This is total BS.

I then asked the forum rep and he replied that my accounts were open. I told him they were locked with a status code of '107'. I am now waiting to see how he comes back but in the meantime I have been banned from all MG games elsewhere including Roxy Palace and Tonybet. I could not gain access to MG games right after my accounts were locked so they must somehow be linked.

Anyone else had similar experiences. Can anyone other than the casinos themselves lock accounts? Can MG do this on its own?


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May 22, 2012
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I can't see why this happened, as in Viper MG casinos if you only PART reverse a w/d the timescale thereof should not be affected - at least that was my experience with them. If there was any deliberate delay after they observed you wee likely to de reversals then that's a bit naughty. There are a few MG groups (I believe Jackpot City and Co.) that have a term quoting up to 10 days now for withdrawals but it doesn't sound like you were playing there. The only thing I can suggest is that the CS implemented some sort of freeze under RG as you were reversing?


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Oct 30, 2015
If you reversed then withdrew, and reversed again and withdrew....this pushes the reverse period.

So if you lost your original monies then won it back...then the 24 hour reversal period starts when you withdrew the second time and whatever monies remained from the original win minus the reversed monies will get processed.

I think that's how it works.


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Oct 14, 2004
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MG themselves can lock accounts that come from countries they have told operators to no longer serve. This happened in Spain and again in France, where MG locked all accounts from those countries, but CS were unaware of this and kept telling these players their accounts were still open.

If the lock has been applied at MG casinos from different operating groups, this would strongly suggest that MG have locked your region, and this information may not yet have reached CS staff who deal direct with players.

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