my mexican friend cant get Neteller


Apr 1, 2006
guys i find it strange that after neteller suffered the american al ninio ,she is still suspicious and non responding fast to request of neteller new account . my friend has passport mexican etc, and they (neteller certified) replied to review the documents in 10 business days which have passed . he onle make one phone contact after sending the documents . should he call again ?its all most impossible to call from here to canada ,way to exoansive and they do not call back .

So whats your opinioun guys , Are there are any certified mexican clients, also its a country that knows nearly zero about iewalllets thank u


Dormant account
Jul 5, 2007
Cedar Hill, TX
Man that sucks. You know, you'd think Neteller would be EXTREMELY EAGER to take on new clients now that they pulled out of the US & Canada. WTF is wrong with these idiots?

I even thought of moving to Mexico to get a Neteller account back when my funds were locked up, to possibly speed that up and to be able to actually Gamble at different casinos -- so many are restricted here in the USA... Needless to say I still live in Texas.

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