My first online casino experience !!


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Aug 25, 2004
E. Yorks. U.k
First off thanks for all the replys on my previous post, was a nice intro to online casino's. :) :thumbsup:

Now for the good news.....had a nice start to my online casino experience turning my first 100 into 450 before calling it a day. Beenplaying at Blackjackplayer where i got on a nice run on stud poker.

Got to say though i'm not impressed with the Bodog site, nothing against anyone there but the graphics are just way two fast, tthey were making me dizzy, whether thats a tacktic on there part to make you play quicker,hence youmake mistakes i don't know but i dont think i'll be visitng them two often.

Anyway alround a good start although i know it wont always be this good, thanks for pointing me in the right directions guys...cheers :thumbsup:


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