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Dec 14, 2013
Hi All,

Its been a minute since I posted anything. Wanted to check if anybody here has had issues with WildCasino. Here is what Ive been experiencing:

Issue 1. My first withdrawal failed, deposited with bitcoin. Successfully verified my withdrawal, recieved the email stating as such. then 15 minute later recieved another email stating that it failed. It was for 500 and while awaiting an answer from the casino, played it down to 0.
Issue 2. I have since withdrawn successfully ( takes about 10 minutes to hit my wallet) several times, however, my last withdrawal was denied. Had to contact live chat to find out there is a 2 per week limit on withdrawals, this isnt mentioned anywhere, not in the TCs, not in the FAQs. The CS rep told me that it is an "internal" thing and its not posted anywhere on the site..
Issue 3. Last weekend they had a give away on one of their slots, as I was playing the slot, a big money wheel came on the screen and I won 500 dollars. my balance didnt go up, so I read the rules and it stated that the prize money will be awarded after the event ended. The event ended on Sunday, I contacted support tonight (Monday night) and they of course couldnt find me on the list of winners. I didnt take a screen shot, dont know the game round ID etc. so they are "looking into it"

Anybody know if they have a Rep here? Anybody else have these issues? I guess having withdrawal issues isnt the worst thing that can happen, in fact I would rather have these problems then simply losing!

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