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Its my understanding that Grand Casino Venice is relatively new to the online gaming industry so I thought I'd relate my experience there with the rest of you.

I took advantage of the free $10 offer quite some time ago (over a month, I'm sure) and loved some of their games. I know most of these games are the same as any other but I just thought the custom look on some were fun. I was given my free money right away. I lost my $10 but did enjoy playing.

On the night of November 6th and 7th, around midnight central time, I bought in for $50. Had a great time, going up and down but happy to be playing for such a long time on such a small amount of money. Went into the game with the bullets (High Noon?) and hit three 7's for $800. Cashed out at $800 too.

The next morning, I called Grand Casino Venice to see if there were any requirements that I missed. Everything was fine. Although I was told that if I had my money sent to a paypal account, it would speed up the process. I already had an account so I was told to write email to the accounting department with my email address and if the address on paypal matched the address I used when I registered on Grand Casino Venice, then they would be able to process the cash in with no problems.

On November 9th, I received an email requesting a copy of both sides of my debit card, a copy of a bank statement or utility bill with address on it, and a copy of my photo ID (drivers license). There was also a statement I needed to sign which said:

I, __________________, hereby agree that the charges made on my credit card(s) listed below are legitimate, and that I have received all services due to me in lieu of these charges.

I faxed all of these documents to the accounting department (SF-e-Processing Services Ltd) that same day. On November 10th, I called Grand Casino Venice and verified that they had received these documents. The asccounting department was closed for the weekend but Laia verified that the documents were there.

I called again this morning, November 12th and Laia told me that my money would be paid to my paypal account today, however, due to the time difference and the fact that statements only post once a day, it could be up to 3 days before I actually see it in Paypal. Makes sense to me. I'm not sure how many hours difference it is between myself and Grand Casino Venice but I do know its at least 12 hours. That could account for one day, then consider that statements only post once per day and that could account for another day, then Paypal receiving and updating and that COULD be three days.

All in all, as long as that cash shows up in Paypal (which it honestly seems as if it will), my experience with Grand Casino Venice was definitely a positive one!

Just thought you'd like to know for future reference.
Thanks lacenbear,

It's always a relief to hear about positive experiences at casinos...

People like to bitch and complain whenever they have problems (honestly, who doesn't?). It's nice that you took the time out to share something positive...


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