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Jun 13, 2006
so cal
Just wanted to share my pleasant experience with I thought Bodog's would be the only rtg i would play at, but i tried for their sign up bonus (100% at 20x wr) since they are on casinomeister's list.

I must have bothered their customer service (instant chat) more than 20 times with questions and issues and they were very helpful and professional, always. i was pretty impressed. (they must have a lot of reps, i got a different rep almost every time, lol.)

i didn't win a random jackpot (like i did at bodog's and grandaces), but i did very well and had a lot of fun.

i deposited using firepay, so they have a wait while the firepay deposit clears. When my deposit cleared, i requested a cashout..... it took less than 10 hours to get into my firepay account!!!!

i was going to try some of the other rtg's that were recommended ( i love their slots), but i decided to only stick to the casinos on casinomeister's list.

my stats so far:

before i came to casinomeister = 0 for 3 in good experiences
after i came here = 3 for 3 and up over $6000. :)

that says a lot, lol.
props to for throwing in the towel on their tired old poker network and joining microgaming. I also like their idea (i assume it's their idea as I haven't seen this anywhere before) to pay a poker freeroll via casino chips with a 20xWR. sure there are a few freerollers who will whine, but paying in casino chips might allow poker rooms to sweeten the freerolls and keep out the kiddies.

i gave their one of their sportsbooks a go ( and had a good experience (well.....except for my golf picks). they even sent me a free tee-shirt which this lo-roller appreciates. it always amazes me how reticent most outfits are to send out a hat or a shirt. free publicity and they surely get more action from a player for such a small comp.

i'm going to give the sportsbook another go as they apparently have a weekly poker freeroll for punters (another idea I haven't seen at any other sportsbook/poker room sites)
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