My cakeday bonuses thus far...

Kelly Jo

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3Dice offered a $25 chip with a 5 times WR. No limit on w/d.

I took this offer without hesitation.
Thank you 3Dice!!!

3dice bonus.JPG

ClubWorld offered me a 75% deposit match bonus with 25 times WR (deposit and bonus )
After completion of match deposit I would be eligible for a $10 dollar chip with a 10 times WR
with a max cash out of 10 times.

Yeah. No thank you.

headed to casinomeisers now.JPG

After this offer I sorta lost interest in pursuing anymore Birthday bonuses.
I really respect Club World and their group and have had nothing to complain about
in my dealing with them. Really though, this bonus is laughable compared to
the 3Dice offer.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Probably gonna head to the Dice and celebrate. Stop in and say hello!


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Happy Birthday Kelly Jo. I am unable to give you free spins but I can give you this:D



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Happy Birthday Kelly Jo!

Hope you have a great one! :thumbsup:

Kelly Jo

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Happy belated birthday Kelly Jo! How did the $25 bonus work out for you?:)
I played for well over an hour, made my wage requirement, earned some comp points, and added to my spin total in the 3Dice monthly spin competition here at Casino Meisters! All in all, a fun experience!