My Buzzluck / NuWorks Review


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Jul 15, 2012
Hey Guys,

i tried the new RTG Software "NUWORKS" for the first time today at Buzzluck.

Here's just a short review, it's all based on the MEDIUM variance/volatility slots. I HAVEN'T played HIGH ones, because i'm scared of RTG high variance.

+ Variance is called out for every slot
+ I played all the medium variance slots, and had a lot of playtime, quite a lot of features
+ Slots look quite nice. I'ts like a polished version of RTG with better bonus features and more creativity
+ A good paytable in regular play

- For me compared to MG, RIVAL and co it's still not as good. BUT i had fun and i can think about maybe deposit again one day, what is not an option with the regular RTG games.

My favorite slot is that Carnival slot: Of course a crappy sidebet for the Feature Guarantee, but the cool thing is that the bonus round give's you most times about 20-30 free spins with 2-4x multiplier, which is quite cool!!

Check it out!



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Sep 6, 2012
San Francisco, CA
I like some of the slots with Buzzluck but not all of them, Wind, Fire, Water, air slot is fun but hard to get and then you are lucky if you get anything on bonus spins. Carnival Mania is a lot of fun, so is Magic. YES, is very high variance with all of their slots whether it says low, medium etc, since i have played all of them have a few favorites whether I win or lose, some i just avoid cause dont like them period.