My Boss Media slots experience


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Oct 28, 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
4 times I have tried Players club slot bonus 100%, $368 / 368, 15 x D+B.
4 times it has been a money-sucking nightmare, you know, the kind of sessions where you feel you might as well have thrown your money out the window.
Playing Bay Patrol at $2.25 most of the time, the best I managed was a single win of $100, the second time I played the bonus, and I was actually $80 ahead! But then christmas was sure over, and the slot just ate every penny in no time.
I don't know if it's pure bad luck, but I feel it's just not possible to get a decent win at Boss Media slots. The bonus / free spins feature seldom appears, and everytime I got only peanuts from them.
I am aware that I can't expect to win everytime on a high-variance slot with 15 x playthrough, but I'd expect to get some bang for the buck, and maybe even have a $100 left after wager (-so I "only" lose $268 and not $368), but I have been NO WAY NEAR wager fulfilment at any time. My money vanished after ca. 2-4 times playthrough. ALL 4 times!

Now I do like to know:
Is there anybody around having tried Boss Media slots, and how did you do?
(hopefully better than me)
Does anybody know their slots payout% ?
-I'll roughly estimate 70%, TOPS.


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Feb 2, 2006
Long ago I played some Boss medias and cashed out a pretty good amount off playing that wheel of fortune knock off they have. I don't think I ever played there again for some reason.


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Mar 9, 2006
I tried Kanga Zoo, Bonus Madness and Jungle Jim, and I played the 25liners mostly (~80%) as 9liners.

What I didn't like in Kangaroo were that once I got a lot of Dolphins so I got 3 or more Dolphins on a single winline in at least ten combinations, including 5 dolphins 2 twice, and it gave me only one simple bonus game with the same payouts as I would have gotten with 3 simple dolphins. Furthermore from probably more than 20 dolphin tries I could never complete all 3 dolphin tasks, and it gave me poor payouts, something like 2x total bet or 4x total bet. I also didn't like the Kanga Jump feature, because I never got more than 4x total bet, more than 20 trials also. And it's true that these features come relatively often, but sometimes they can easily disappear for 1-200 spins. I would rather have better line wins instead. Where you can get something is the free spins. If you get at least a 4 of a kind from one of the better symbols, than it will put you back on track for a while.

Jungle Jim is a bit different, probably because of the progressive jackpot. Your wins will be significantly lower playing this slot. You also get the free spins less frequently. I would probably never play this slot as a 25 liner again. I have found this slot a lot streakier than Kanga Zoo. You definitely need to get something serious (probably 5ofakind) during the freespins to break even or win.

Bonus madness is a 9liner, where your possible wins are not so strongly related to the feature, but also to the line wins. One of the better 4ofakinds will give you some room. The wheel feature was quite unimpressive for me, I usually got one of the five worst choices. But if you manage to get the other treasure bonus, especially with 4 or more chests, then it's quite massive, and almost always nearly the same amount. But you can also get nothing for 20-30 spins, not a single line win on this slot.

I can easily imagine that you could have lost that much on Jungle Jim for instance, but it depends on the bet size. It's harder to imagine with the Kanga slot, but again, quite possible with the bonus madness slot, playing 4.5$/spin for instance, if you don't get a good line win.

I hardly played the Bay Patrol slot, but I found it similar to the Jungle Jim, probably a bit higher variance with the line wins. So I can also easily imagine your bad luck with that slot.

I think that if your best single line win ever was only 100 spinning @ 2.25$, than it necessarily lead to busting. When I played bonus madness I got 300-400 at least twice betting 4.5$ per spin. It's indeed very hard to break even or not to bust with these slots&bonuses, but not impossible.


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Thanks for the above post which matches my experience also.
I am currently doing a slots only at a Boss - and it looks pretty hopeless.
Any more tips/advice appreciated! :thumbsup:

I was expecting to see the Poker Slot (Killer Whale..? ) but it seems they no longer have it :(

I tried doing some of the WR on Money Wheel, but was suffering a bit until I took the big gamble...