my birthdate needs to be changed


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my birthdate is totally wrong in my account (don't ask how that happened :rolleyes: ), i send a pm to maxd a few weeks ago but it still isn't changed. can someone correct it please. my birthdate is 11 april 1971


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My birthday needs to be changed to Dec. 07. 1927

It would be wrong but it would feel more accurate. :p


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Max, Can you please change my Birthday as well? just change the year to 1985, better yet, change the year to 1986 and could you follow up with it every 3 years keeping me at that age? lol


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Hiya: And Max, while you are it, I will make my change easy, Just change it to, "Today". Then send it to every accredited Casino, "Every Day", and if my evil plan works, I should be getting a Birthday Bonus, from every casino,........ every day............:rolleyes:


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And while you're at it can you change Christmas to Dec 27th so I can buy all my wrapping paper on Boxing day when it's half price and I'd like a few extra Thanksgiving days too. Just scatter them around the calendar.

mmmm Turkey.

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