My account is locked due to using initials?!


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Apr 29, 2004
Okay, technically this is a complaint about InterCasino Poker, but it's relevant to casinos too.

Note, this is not my real name, but I am using an alias to protect myself.

Now I always sign up to casinos with my name in the format of "Mr J Smith". Once upon a time I used my full name "John Smith" but then I encountered a casino which would not accept my credit card deposits because my account name John Smith did not match my credit card name Mr J Smith. (I tried to sort this out thru their support but they kept telling me "you can't use someone else's credit card" -- they just did not get it!)

So now you can see why it saves me time -- and money! -- to sign up as Mr J Smith.

Only now this is no good either. After depositing two amounts of $20 and $30 at InterCasino Poker and playing (and losing it all), they have now locked me out of my account. Now, they do not owe me any money -- my balance is $0. When I asked them why I was locked out of their system, they replied

"After looking into your account, I noticed that your account
is locked due to your account is registered with incomplete name (Mr J Smith). For your information, player has to register their full name
instead of initial. This is why your account is locked. Your account balance
is zero. Please open a new account with your full name."

I have tried to explain myself thru their support and that if I open a new account I may not be able to then deposit money due to the name problem, but they keep telling me that I must open a new account with my full name anyway. There is a second reason I won't do that -- opening a second account directly contradicts their terms and conditions and therefore they would be entitled to take all my money from me!

Has this problem ever happened to anyone else? Am I really evil for using my initials instead of my full name or are they just being overly bureaucratic when I have a legitimate reason for doing so?

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