My 2c on RTG casinos and Online Gambling


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Jul 16, 2009
New York
I like RTG. It's my favorite. I live in the U.S. so I'm not fortunate enough to try out the other software groups but I'm sure this will still make sense. You have you're ups and downs like any other casino. If you can name one casino group where you have consistent, never losing sessions all the time then I would have to say your lying. I think by having all of these pre-assumptions about RTG and their "rogue" status, we start losing and all of a sudden say it's rigged. Some people are lucky, and some people aren't. I've given Vegas Tech casinos over $500 of my own earned money, even though they have a good rep. I can swear they are rigged (22 straight reds in european roulette, uhhh ok?) All the accredited RTG's are good, and do payout when you win of course. My best advice is don't play at the "rogue listed" casinos with your own money, only free chips. Don't play all the time, and don't play everyday. Couple times a week max. Don't get addicted, and if you do get help NOW. If you lose money, walk away. Maybe come back next week and try your luck again, or maybe never come back again and accept your loss and that it was a poor investment. Deposit small amounts and see what you can do, take a bonus if you're feeling lucky. If you win big, put the money away, do something you've always wanted to do, maybe invest it. I'm estimating most people either lose money or break even in the end (win then have multiple losing sessions after). Don't expect to make a living off of it unless you get REALLY lucky and hit some crazy jackpot, and if you are making a living with it, congrats to you I wish I was in your shoes. But even if you hit a jackpot, you will probably give it all back to the casino in the end. Then again, I'm new to the game only a couple of months deep with experience, but still. In the end you don't need experience (maybe with poker), it's luck. I read too many people chasing dreams of hitting big, and in the end having nothing. Just saying. BTW great site! :)

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