MVP has suspended playing casino, poker, and sports betting


Dormant account
Sep 9, 2005
I went to MVP sports, poker, and casino website and they all have stop there bussiness. I wanted to check if I have any money left in my account. I was doing a search for all the poker, casino and sport book I have signed up to just to see if I had money in them. When I went to their website there is a message saying "LIGHT OF COURT PAPERS FILED IN THE UNITED STATES, THE COMPANY HAS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED THIS FACILITY PENDING ITS ABILITY TO ASSESS ITS FULL POSITION. DURING THIS PERIOD NO FINANCIAL OR WAGERING TRANSACTIONS CAN BE EXECUTED. FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED ONCE THE COMPANY IS IN A POSITION TO DO SO."

Will they come back.
Thanks I didnt know that it was owned by betonsports. I heard what happen to betonsports so I guess I can figure out why it's down in the mean time.

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