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Mar 28, 2004
Musichallcasino is a cheater!!!

I have make a withdrawal of $150 on Nov 2003.They confirmed that my cash in 150 was send by check on the 5th of Nov.But I have not received the check until Nov 22,so I requested that the check be cancelled and the payment be paid to my NETeller account.(because I deposited by NETeller.)They confirmed that they have requested the check be cancelled on Nov 24 and my payment would be paid into my NETeller account after a few weeks. But I have not got my cash until now.There are 5 months past, I have contacted them about this matter over 20 times.They always told me that Finance have not yet contacted them about this matter.they always walk through me!

Everyone,keep away from the casino!!!
But they DID pay you! It was really you're impatience and having them stop payment on the original check that caused the delays and confusion. They did NOT cheat you.

Cheating is a very serious accusation to be tossing about so easily in a public forum like this when the whole problem was caused by your impatience. You received your cashin after 12 business days, but had them stop the payment to have it sent a different way. You eventually did get your money in full (they should have charged you for the stop payment in my opinion, since the check wasn't lost or stolen), so there was no cheating of any kind.

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