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Jul 11, 2003
I received an offer from Music Hall last weekend. A casino I've been playing at for months. My bonus went to a seperate bonus account instead of into my real account and then had to be wagered at some ungodly high rate before it was even available to transfer to your real account! You THEN had to wager an additional 10x deposit and bonus once it was transferred to your real account. Their email had the nerve to say this is for the players benefit and the rate at which the bonus transfers to the real account is inconsequential! What nerve, what a scam. I recommend playing here- NOT!
Now they tell me that even though there was $0 in my account when I accepted this bonus I have to meet terms for every single deposit and bonus I've ever made there since I joined!! DO NOT play here! You'll be sorry.
Every different person I've talked to has given me a different total for my wagering! Every person! Wow, hard to believe they can't just punch it up on their side. I'm still not sure how much I've wagered and need to to meet their requirements for every deposit ever made! Still waiting for Bryan to get back to me... I pitched a bitch almost a week ago.
Dear Yawgie,

ALL PLAYERS are important to us!

We currently giveaway over US$150 000 in FREE play to our patrons and we offer terrific free promotions on nearly every day of the week and a fantastic Blackjack Competition. They are all free to Enter!

We are about to introduce a Money Wheel on Monday that gives a Player a chance to spin for up to $500 for nothing.

We have a strong commitment to our players; we pay out quickly and provide an entertaining experience.

It is important to look at the entire entertainment experience that we offer rather than just one bonus offer. Our experience is that a lot of players want more than just the 1st bonus and that is where we have positioned our casino.

We also have improved the description of the initial bonus on the site to allow an informed player the choice if they wish to take up the offer prior to depositing.

Casinos should be more than just a bonus. Our view is that they should be entertaining, fun and trusted.

Kind Regards

Casino Management
"Casinos should be more than just a bonus. Our view is that they should be entertaining, fun and trusted."

I agree totally. As I said originally, I've been playing at Music Hall for months. It's the trust part that is now gone from Music Hall -and any other Casino Action casino from what I'm reading here and elsewhere. You're the ones who started a "bonus" program where the money isn't even meant to get to a players' real account.

I've played at all the Casino Action casinos.
I will never play at any again.
Hi Casino Action, and welcome to Casinomeister's forum.

I'll be forwarding you some of the "pitch a bitches" that I've recently received concerning this bonus deal. My apologies for not getting to you sooner, but it's taking a little time to get caught up since my absence.

You should receive these today.
Hi Bryan,

I received my cash-in today through Neteller.

After I told them I was posting here management manually credited my withdrawal.
I can't say there's a connection, but I can't say there might not have been either.


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