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Jun 13, 2003
I got back from my two day, one night Las Vegas jaunt late this afternoon. (A winning trip for both my son and I) When I turned on my computer I learned that Music Hall had not followed through with their promised payment. I went up to their website and initiated yet another chat with their customer service. This time there was a problem with their bank or their weekend crew, but my money was safe and would certainly be shipped to me today. I asked them if they were having any financial problems, and they assured me that there were NO problems and I really, really would get my money soon, with NO FURTHER DELAYS. They promised. I'm hoping that they follow through this time, but I've taken them out of my benefit of the doubt column and put them into my "careless with the truth" column. I've heard from several people that my money is absolutely safe with these people, but, to me, the proof of this will now only be apparent when my winnings have been safely transferred into my accounts. I wouldn't feel right recommending them to my friends after this.
I'd give them a little slack since most places don't do anything with cashins over the weekends. Its typical that their accounts dept works only business days.

As an aside, I gave them a try this weekend and had quite a good joker poker power poker session and turned my $100 deposit into $300 (including their $100 bonus) and more than met the wagering requirements in the process. Cashed out on sunday so we'll see how long it takes to get to neteller.


I was pleasantly surprised to find my cash-in safely nestled in my Neteller account this morning.

Even though I enjoyed playing at this casino, I dislike being given the runaround when it is time for me to get paid. They made a mistake, they should have made a real effort to rectify it quickly rather than cycle it through again on their normal schedule. No one enjoys being made to wait twice as long for their money. I got my money, and, to some, that would be enough. To me, I think I'll continue to give the bulk of my repeat business to those casinos that offer individual and excellent customer service to me.
Glad to hear you got it! I'll post how mine goes as well.

I decided to give them another shot when they offered a 50% bonus on a $50.00 deposit. I lost this time around so there was no delay in getting paid..... Don't forget to post when you get your money.
Last time I played here was in May.
5/2 dep $200 for $100 x10 =$3000
wagered $8200 348H $3080@$5 $4240@$10
bal $1135
5/3 cashout $1000 paid 5/7
bal $135
played some more
bal $303
5/18 cashout $250 bk 5/21
lost $53 bal.
How can you ALWAYS win? Lucky you!

I played there a little bit (about 10-15 hands od BJ) and didn't have the "winning" feeling. So stop and withdraw my deposit. Got money back 5 days later.
Music Hall SUCKS! They are yanking me around and delaying my cashin. I'd say stay away until they get their act together. Twice now they have returned my deposit to my account saying I have not met wagering requirements (which is NOT true, I exceeded them), despite the manager telling me in the interim that they were mistaken and I had met the requirements. They are too screwed up to even get this small cashin done right, I would hate to have a big cashin pending with them. :mad:
Well after I blasted them in email about this, they tell me they made a mistake about the w/r (again) and were processing my cashin immediately and I should have it in neteller in 1-2 days. I will post here when it shows up. I'm still not real happy with my experience there though.

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